How To Make Remarketing Work With Gmail Ads

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A lot of marketers shudder at the thought of email marketing. They believe that it’s an outdated medium to generate leads and conversions. The stigma behind spam continues to put fear into marketers’ minds to this day, but is email marketing something that you should ignore? And how should you make remarketing work with Gmail Ads?

What is Email Marketing?

To put it simply, email marketing is a practice where you reach out to people via email to tell them more about your business. It involves simply reaching out to them to introduce what you offer but it can also be used to give your target audience some irresistible promos.

In the past, email marketing was associated with spam. We all know how much people hate spam, so this means that instead of engagement, you’ll be getting nothing for your efforts as well. However, the technology behind email marketing has changed dramatically over the last couple of years as well.

Specifically, people can now receive personalised emails that don’t make it seem like you’re sending out spam. Apart from that, tools like Gmail Ads have made an engaging type of marketing that’s easier and more effective. That being said, Gmail Ads is a good way to remarket your leads, too.

What is email marketing? || How to Make Remarketing Work with Gmail Ads

What are Gmail Ads?

When using email marketing, chances are you’re only reaching new subscribers to your business. Creating new leads with those subscribers is a different matter. To be frank, email marketing is a good way to market your business but don’t make it your end game.

Here at Constant Clicks, letting your products shine is secondary. The main purpose is to, of course, generate more leads for your business.

This is where Gmail Ads steps in. It lets you place Google Ads into your customer’s email inboxes. If you’re familiar with Google Ads, then you know just how effective a PPC tool can be when placed in the right hands. It’s the perfect tool for making conversions. Now, it’s the perfect partner for Gmail Ads.

Like in Google Ads, you can pick specific keywords, audiences, and various other factors when making a Gmail Ads campaign. What this means is that you’ll have a direct means to market your product to your target audience.

Successful email ads will look and feel similar to regular emails. The difference is that these ads are going to be placed in the Promotions tab. This is an important part of the process because the receivers must know what the purpose of the email is.

If the receiver gets hooked and opens the email, they’ll be taken to a message which includes advertising materials such as videos, images and more.

Gmail on a mobile phone

How to Make Remarketing Work with Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads no longer allow users to use keywords or target domains anymore. However, you’re still free to engage in traditional and dynamic remarketing.

Traditional remarketing is all about reaching out to people who have already visited your website. More specifically, those who are already familiar with your business but aren’t converted to customers yet. By remarketing your products to them via email, you can increase your chances of generating sales with them.

Dynamic remarketing is a step further from traditional remarketing. It shows what pages or products people visited on your website. In doing so, you’ll be able to remarket specific products or services that they already have established interest in.

That being said, the practice of remarketing via Gmail Ads offers an increased chance of conversions on your end.

This is an effective strategy because it allows you to leverage the interest that people already have in your business. It’s a lot easier to use this momentum than it is to create new possible leads.

Of course, there’s only so much you can do with Gmail Ads. The success of your email marketing campaign will still depend on how well you handle the campaign itself. Let us give you a few tips on creating an effective Gmail Ads marketing campaign.

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Look at How it Looks at Glance First

Collapsed emails are those that are emails that have yet to be opened. It’s a line of text that shows who the email is from and a teaser of what’s in the email. This is a critical aspect of email marketing as it determines whether or not people will open your email in the first place.

Keep in mind that your email ad will be alongside many other emails in a receiver’s inbox. As such, standing out is one of the most important things you need to work on.

Create a subject line and an email opening that can hook your target easily. When it comes to sales, a good subject line would be to tease the receiver with something that would give them a purpose to open the email. For instance, it could be a limited time discount they need to avail.

A collapsed email can accommodate a logo of up to 20 characters for your business name. You can also add a 25 character headline and a description of 90 characters.

Look At How It Looks At A Glance First

Make it Mobile-Friendly

A majority of your website visitors are most likely going to open your email via their smartphones. Most of today’s web visitors are using mobile devices. If you have a mobile version of your website, you should also make your emails mobile-friendly.

All the important details should fit on one screen. Most importantly, however, your email should load very quickly. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, then don’t expect the receiver to dive deeper into what you have to say. Make sure that everything in your email is quick to load. In many cases, you can win your target over with a simple email.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Make it Personal

Studies show that personalised emails are more effective at generating leads than those that sound generic. Now, you have to find a way to balance creating a personalised email that doesn’t overstep the boundaries of digital privacy.

Instead of addressing your target with Sir/Ma’am, you should address their name directly. This will make your email sound less spammy. Most importantly, however, it will make people feel as if they are being reached out to personally.

Make it Personal

Test it Out First

One of the biggest mistakes that our clients make is going all out with the first email template they come up with. With us, we’ll allow you to split test various email templates. Check which of the emails work best for them.

Even minor changes to the email template can make a lot of difference when it comes to results. Our goal is to find an email template that’s the most effective for your target audience. As such, we do our best with testing to make sure we come up with the perfect formula for your campaign.

Test It Out First

Don’t be Too Persistent

Another big mistake people make when engaging in email marketing campaigns is being too persistent. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t spam your target with a barrage of emails. Give them a couple of days or even a week before you send a follow-up email.

The last thing you’d want to do is have your email sent to the spam folder.

Don’t Be Too Persistent

Make the Call-To-Action Visible

The call-to-action in your email serves as the final link between your engagement and conversion. The button that directs your customer to your product page or your website should be placed at the bottom. Don’t make it too large to the point that it’s the only thing that your target reads.

At the same time, it should be good and noticeable enough, so your customer doesn’t gloss over it. A good CTA button should have a good mix of contrasting colours and fonts associated with your brand.

What Are Gmail Ads? || How to Make Remarketing Work with Gmail Ads

Are Gmail Ads for You?

Gmail Ads is the perfect marketing tool to use if you have many website visitors but only a few sales to show for it. At Constant Clicks, we highly value the interest that people have in your website because we know just how crucial it is. It doesn’t take much to have those people commit to a transaction.

What many fail to see is that remarketing also leverages the leads you get through your other marketing efforts. Your Facebook page, SEO, web content – all of these platforms direct people to your website. By remarketing your products via Gmail Ads, all of these leads will be put to good use.

Email marketing is far from dying as opposed to what many marketers believe. All it takes to make it an effective marketing strategy is the right approach.

Understandably, it can be quite worrying to use an “outdated” form of marketing but don’t worry. We can supply you with the support and boost you need to make Gmail Ads the next driving force behind your sales.