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Clients Big and Small

We work with some of the largest brands in Australia but we love growing small businesses too and turning them into bigger businesses!
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Google AdWords is STILL one of the most effective ways to generate targeted sales and leads for your business.

Most businesses couldn’t survive without it.

Super targeted ads to a crowd of hungry customers – sounds like a match made in heaven right?

Yes, it does, but there is a catch!

WARNING: The results of your campaign are heavily determined by the skills, experience and workload of the account manager who is driving your campaign.

So hire the wrong agency and you can forget about hitting your sales goals.

We know choosing the right agency to grow your business is a MAJOR decision.


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Do I Need Google AdWords?

The fastest way to generate ROI

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Unlike Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords is one of the quickest way to generate return on investment. The ad is live and kicking as soon as the campaign has been setup.

This means that you will instantaneously by driving hyper-targeted traffic to your website.

It means Matt will have found his Plumber within the minute.

What Do We Do?

We Get You Better Revenue & Profits

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There are 100’s of data points in any Google AdWords campaign. We want to make sure that every single one of them matches your target audience.

This what gives our Adwords clients better results. Month in, month out.

This relates to every aspect of the campaign but mainly Keywords, Devices, Time of the day, day of the week and locations.

In doing this, we manage to double, triple, even quadruple leads and sales for small businesses.

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We let our AdWords results do the talking!

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Laura Di Leva
a month ago
I have used Constant Clicks for a number of years and they are professional in their service delivery and customer care. They follow up regularly and always try and improve their service offering. Great to work with!
rachel smith adwords management brisbane - photo 1 - Google AdWords
rachel smith
a month ago
Max from constant clicks has been great Great communication & I’m seeing results ! Would recommend this company to anyone
Valeria Lovric adwords management brisbane - photo 2 - Google AdWords
Valeria Lovric
a month ago
It was easy to work with Constant Clicks as they were quick to return my emails or calls and followed my instructions. They are professional and delivered results that I needed for my company.
Corey Cacic adwords management brisbane - photo 3 - Google AdWords
Corey Cacic
2 months ago
Big thank you to Shaine and Max for their knowledge and expertise. Very informative in their discussions, quick in their replies and always easy to get in touch with.
Mark Kirby adwords management brisbane - photo 4 - Google AdWords
Mark Kirby
2 months ago
The guys and girl at constant clicks are extremely genuine about driving business results for my company and are really easy to talk with and are down to earth.
Shane Paterson adwords management brisbane - photo 5 - Google AdWords
Shane Paterson
3 months ago
We have recently moved across to constant click from another advertiser and we couldn't be happier. The communication is fantastic and nothing is too much for these guys. Great Work Guys!!!!
Louise Falwasser adwords management brisbane - photo 6 - Google AdWords
Louise Falwasser
3 months ago
I’ve been running my small business for 9yrs and every now and then- suddenly the phone stops ringing. Each time Constant Clicks has rejuvenated my campaign and the phone rings once again. Thank you for your great work and I will continue to use your expertise. Louise’s Pet Grooming
Rachel Neate adwords management brisbane - photo 7 - Google AdWords
Rachel Neate
4 months ago
I own a Physiotherapy business. I have only recently decided to have my ads externally managed and I can’t recommend this team enough! The detail and explanation I receive is always top notch (which is helpful as I’m technologically slower than most when it comes to Google Ads!). We are just about to expand to a larger location and I am excited to see the growth to come!
Michael S adwords management brisbane - photo 8 - Google AdWords
Michael S
7 months ago
Constant Clicks helped us reach our growth targets in the first month of bringing them on board and we're now far exceeding them. Their knowledge and insights are fantastic and has helped us tweak our strategic direction. Looking forward to the ongoing support of Brett and the team to help our continued growth ?

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At Constant Clicks, we’ve been generating stellar results for clients for over 10 years, so you can trust that we’ll deliver for you too.

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