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Google Ads is STILL the most effective ways to generate targeted sales and leads for your business.

Most businesses couldn’t survive without it.

Super targeted ads to a crowd of hungry customers – sounds like a match made in heaven right?

Yes, it does, but there is a catch!

WARNING: The results of your campaign are heavily determined by the skills, experience and workload of the account manager who is driving your campaign.

So hire the wrong agency and you can forget about hitting your sales goals.

We know choosing the right agency to grow your business is a MAJOR decision.

The good news is, we GUARANTEE our results so you know that we have to deliver. If we don’t increase conversions in the first 90 days with one of our high-converting landing pages then you stop paying. No other agency is game enough to offer this.


Find out in a Free Ads assessment how much money you’re really wasting.  For a limited time, we’re waiving our $99.00 fee that we normally charge for a 30 minute comprehensive Ads assessment. You’ll get one of our Google certified experts TEACH you the mistakes in your current campaign and how to fix them.


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Why you’ll love partnering with us:

We take the time to understand your business and we work relentlessly to achieve your sales goals

You get your own personalised Google certified professional with his/her direct line so you deal with the same person every time

We go above and beyond by sharing insights and strategies outside of your Google Ad campaign  (eg. Social proofing your site, high-converting landing pages, conversion rate optimisation, copywriting, email marketing, pricing strategy & much more)

You get a seasoned Google certified professional driving your campaigns for maximum ROI

What you will NOT get with
Constant Clicks

Waiting days on end to get a return call from your account manager
A new account manager every few months where you have to start from scratch
Excuses about why your campaign is not performing and playing the blame game
Your account manager getting caught up in superficial metrics such as number of clicks, click through rate and truly not understanding return on investment
Set and forget management where they bill you and let your campaign virtually run on auto-pilot

As Premier Google Partners, we know how to drive qualified leads & sales to your business.

We let our results do the talking!

Dragon Auto Glass

Our business was struggling but thankfully we found Constant Clicks and our revenue has jumped 300% while dropping our ad spend by 33% – we couldn’t be happier!

Aussie Storm Shop

We’ve seen massive sales growth as a result of working with Constant Clicks so much so that we’ve outgrown our warehouse and now needing a bigger space.

Melbourne Music Centre

My company has doubled its turnover and upped its ROI considerably in a relatively short period of time. Keep up the good work, team!

Henshaw Tree Service

Constant Clicks achieved a far better result in 3 mths for my business compared to 12 mths with my previous Google Ads agency.

Dream Day Limousines

Constant Clicks have increased my leads by 345% with no increase in ad spend.

Brisbane Mobile Roof Linings

Since changing agency Constant Clicks have doubled my turnover giving me the cash flow to put on another van.

Now, it’s your turn to experience
Growth for YOUR Business!

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