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Small Agency, Huge Results

Back in 2009, I worked for a well-known marketing firm.

It was a great place to be, but I constantly felt out of rhythm. Something about this felt off, and I couldn’t figure it out. That is, until I sat down and discovered the big issue.

I had a major problem you see…

 It was the way they “worked” with their clients. 

Businesses were on-board hyped and energetic, ready to grow…only to be torn down by the harsh reality that is larger agencies.

After dumping their blood, sweat and tears into their dream goal, they were left high and dry with no ROI.

If only they were given more attention, support & guidance.

So one day, after I truly had enough of seeing countless businesses being burnt and pillaged, I created a company I could comfortably and confidently be a part of.

 I dreamt of a world where a relationship between us and our clients meant more than just getting their site on Google. I wanted to genuinely help them grow; I wanted to provide them with the support and, if required, the strategy that would seem them increase their ROI.

And now, fast forward seven years, I have Constant Clicks, a small, boutique agency that genuinely cares about its clients, their return on investment and aims to provide a made-to-measure strategy for each and every client. We understand every client has different needs, and I work hard to meet them each time.

Let’s face it, a one-size-fits-all approach never works… not with apparel and certainly not with your business.

We work with real businesses, developing real strategies, to help generate real results.

To your success, 

Brett Simpson,

Founder & Director of Constant Clicks

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