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It’s undeniable:

Marketing WILL make or break your business.

It can either be your VIP ticket to insane business growth or a money-draining nightmare that permanently ruins your company’s reputation.


It’s deceptively easy to fail at marketing.

And a few rookie mistakes will severely damage your business:

A poorly designed website will instantly wipe out your marketing campaigns.

Taking high-risk SEO shortcuts will quickly leave your website banned from Google.

And newbie advertising mistakes will drain your budget & suck your business dry.

But here’s the worst thing:

Your competitors are lingering like vultures – waiting for you to trip up & then pinching your customers before you even have a chance to recover!

Now here’s the good news:

At Constant Clicks, we’ll empower you with results-driven marketing services that are optimised to grow your business.

You’ll generate thousands of dollars in profitable sales leads.

You’ll protect your business from the reputational risks of poor marketing.

And you’ll stop wasting thousands of dollars on rookie advertising mistakes.

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What services we provide?

AdWords Optimisation

Rapid Sales & Leads Generation

AdWords Qualified Managers


Guaranteed Same Day Response

10 Years Industry Experience

If you want your business on the front page of Google, then there’s only one way to do it, Google AdWords Advertising. Fast and targeted, it has quickly become the preferred method of advertising globally.

We are often asked, does pay per click advertising really work? In the right hands, absolutely!

Constant Clicks have the skills and experience you need to maximise the potential of any AdWords campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google 1st Page Rankings

Dedicated SEO Account Manager

100% Australian-Based Staff

Get unlimited traffic to your website when we rank your website organically on page 1 of Google. These are the search results that appear below the top four paid ads. SEO can take 6 to 12 months to hit the page 1 of Google. So while you don’t have to pay per click it’s a long term strategy but definitely worth it’s weight in gold.

We have dedicated SEO experts who have ranked some of the biggest brands in Australia

Facebook Ad Optimisation

Cheaper Clicks, Increased Sales & Leads

Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

100% Australian Based Staff

Facebook advertising is a great way to drive leads and sales to your business. We have tons of experience and know the tricks to turning the traffic into tangible results.

Talk to us today about a Facebook strategy to help grow your business.

Don’t Leave Your Marketing To Chance!

Talk to us today to see how we can GROW your business too.

Grow my business

Don’t Leave Your Marketing To Chance!

Talk us today to see how we can GROW your business too.

Why should you choose us for your

Constant Clicks and Google Team Up!
Constant Clicks regularly get invited to speak along side Google at events to educate businesses Across Australia on digital marketing.
A recent Digital Marketing Business Breakfast that Constant Clicks co-hosted with Google.

As seen in

Meet Some Of The Companies We’ve Empowered To Grow Their Business & Explode Their Sales

Our cost per lead fell by 50% in just 5 weeks. Same cost but double the LEADS.

Todd Maunder

Anttel Communications, Brisbane

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, we even had to drop our Google spend.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Phillip Booker, Brisbane/Gold Coast

You’ve taken our existing AdWords campaign from 2-3 a week to 2-3 enquiries a day.

Ruwantha Dias

Techbug, Brisbane

Grew my business by 812% in 12 short weeks and I thought I was doing a good job managing it myself. Matty Tutty

Resumes To You, Sydney

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