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Dear small business owner,


My name is Brett Simpson. I’m the Founder of the SEO agency, Constant Clicks.

We’re a different crowd.


Started in 2012, with a dream to replenish the faith lost in the digital marketing space a long time ago.


While Search Engine Optimisation has evolved.


Our goals have remained the same:


Provide killer Local Brisbane SEO services for our clients without the high price tag.


I’ve been optimising website’s since I was knee height to a grass-hopper (so I know a thing or two about getting you on page one of Google).


So you’ll be confident an intern won’t be learning the ropes with your future in their hands.


Old school, spammy black-hat backlinks and techniques no longer work. Google demands high-quality content to create a better search engine.


You see, we don’t invest in sales teams hungry for their next commission.


This means you’re guaranteed the SEO Brisbane guru you speak to on the other end of the phone only wants the best for your business.


Black-hat search engine marketing strategies will quickly have your website banned from Google.


If you’re after cheap and nasty black-hat SEO Brisbane that’ll quickly have your website punished from Google, we don’t mean to be rude, but don’t reach out.


We’re looking to speak with business owners seeking to invest in their business to seem it grow exponentially.


Our seasoned expert Brisbane SEO team have experience doubling, tripling, even quadrupling turnover and profits for businesses of all sizes and industries.


If you’re willing to truly invest in your businesses future, simply book a free strategy call with a qualified Brisbane SEO expert consultant now.


Get in touch today as we’re offering FREE SEO Video audits for this month only.

Kind Regards,


Brett Simpson – Director & Founder

Constant Clicks

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Act now before you miss out!

Want to Find Out What Marketing Your Competitors Are Doing?

“In just 2 months Constant Clicks DOUBLED our sales and in 3 months they TRIPLED our sales”

Brad Coates

Director, Melbourne Music Centre

What Makes Our Local SEO Company the Best in Brisbane?

10+ Years SEO Experience

Our Local SEO Brisbane Team Brag 10+ Years Experience Implementing Inbound Marketing Strategies for small businesses.

Serious Increase in Leads & Sales

Our Clients Have Doubled, Tripled even Quadrupled Sales From Our Secret SEO Brisbane Ranking Formula.

SEO Services, or SEO consulting, combined with PPC magic allows our clients to dominate Google’s SERP’s.  

Small Boutique Brisbane SEO Marketing Agency

You Won’t feel like a Number in a Large Agency Rat Race. Our Small Business SEO Team Chips in for Each Client, then The Unbelievable SEO Brisbane Results Follow.

We Don't Work With Every Business

We Only Work With Businesses We’re Confident In Growing. This Has Built Our Outstanding Reputation as the Leading SEO Brisbane Agency.

Only Kick-Ass, White-Hat SEO in Brisbane

We’re No Cheap & Nasty Black-Hat SEO Agency. Our savvy search marketing and lead generations geniuses will ensure you’re rankings won’t be penalised.

If you employ spammy black-hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing and watch your rankings tank. 

Affordable Brisbane SEO Packages

Constant Clicks offers affordable SEO Brisbane Packages tailored to the potential growth for your business. Our top-tier work is priced custom fit so the business see’s the maximum profit from their investment. 

See Our Brisbane SEO Clients Rave About Us:

Molecular Scaffold Sales

We started working with Constant Clicks in March of 2019. We had concerns about contact and lack of leads, but through optimisation and working with Shaine and the team, within 12 months we’d increased our leads by more than 600%.

Aussie Storm Shop

“We’ve seen massive sales growth as a result of working with Constant Clicks so much so that we’ve outgrown our warehouse and now needing a bigger space”.

Melbourne Music School

“My company has doubled its turnover and upped its ROI considerably from SEO Brisbane in a relatively short period of time. Keep up the good work, team!”

Henshaw Tree Services

“Constant Clicks achieved a far better result in 3 mths for my business compared to 12 mths with my previous AdWords agency”.

Dream Day Limousines

“Constant Clicks have increased my leads by 345% with no increase in ad spend”.

Mobile Roof linings Brisbane

“Since changing agency Constant Clicks have doubled my turnover giving me the cash flow to put on another van”.

Bespoke Web Design & SEO Services Will Grow Your Business

1. It Starts With Your Website’s Marketing Foundations!


In your 30 minute discovery session, our SEO Brisbane guru will talk with you about your business objectives. We will then have a solid understanding of where you’re at and what success means to you.

SEO Brisbane
marketing goals

2. Let’s Work On Your Business Goals


After, your personal SEO Brisbane expert will develop a cutting-edge SEO strategy to maximise profit. Let us craft a digital marketing campaign that aligns with your goals. This will entail an in-depth content development strategy, backlink building strategy, and overall website user experience audit. 

3. Our Brisbane SEO Marketing Powerhouse


If you’re confident it’s a win/win, and you can handle an influx of new sales, our Expert Search Engine Optimisation team will put our SEO powerhouse into action.
Our local Brisbane SEO specialist team in Australia will install our affordable inbound marketing strategies targeting valuable keywords. This will help grow your business and rank your website #1 of Google. 
digital marketing powerhouse

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What is Brisbane SEO Digital Marketing?

Brisbane SEO, or Search Engine Optimisationinvolves optimising your website to appear more consistently on major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo & Google’s organic listings.

Optimising your website’s SEO in Brisbane for more organic website traffic is one of the most profitable inbound marketing strategies you can invest in today. 

Why is Local SEO Brisbane Important?

Outsourcing your PPC Management and SEO is crucial your businesses inbound marketing strategy. 

As you will see below, Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane is important as there are only 3 given positions on the first page of Google.

SEO Brisbane gives you the ability to have your website take more than 70% of all searches compared to paid traffic sources.

SEO Brisbane is an extremely important asset of any business, small or large. It will drive highly qualified traffic straight to your website which will lead to an increase in traffic, leads and ultimately sales. 

SEO Brisbane is often misinterpreted and has sometimes been brushed off by businesses as being unimportant. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

SEO Brisbane is a valuable part of any marketing plan, no matter the size of your business.

It is a unique marketing outlet that is likely to increase your business’s customers and leads.

SEO Brisbane has also been shown to have an increased ROI over other types of marketing, like print ads and TV.

This doesn’t mean you should disregard all other forms of marketing, but rather, you should embrace the digital age and explore what SEO Brisbane can do for you and your business.


Get on the First Page of Google with our Brisbane SEO Services to Enhance Your Website’s Visibility

Google Ads

Paid Ads (Google Ads)


Google Ads takes up about 30% of searches, varying from industry to industry.

Google Ads is important to have, and is one of the quickest way to generate a return on your ad spend.

Google Ads also lets you split test your CTR’s ad variations for your Page Title’s and Meta Descriptions.

There are normally 7 Ad positions on the first page of Google. 4 up the top, 3 down the bottom.


Google My Business (GMB)

Maps Listing Results


The Google Maps Listing, or snack-pack, won’t appear on all searches and is focused entirely on Local Search Engine Optimisation. 

This listing is very important as it allows your business to store your reputation online & generate extra traffic. Without your Google My Business Listing, Google has no way of verifying if you’re a legitimate business. 

There are normally 3 businesses listed in the maps section + an irregular ad.


Google Organic Search Results (SERPS)

Organic Search Results


We call it “the meat” because Organic Space takes up more than 70% of all clicks.

The Organic position is Google’s highest value real-estate where the majority of Google users click.

In fact, 70-80% of searchers ignore the Paid Ad Space and go straight for the Organic Results.

There are normally 10 website’s listed organically on the first page of Google.


World Class SEO Brisbane Services

More than 75% of Google users won’t venture past the first page.

So if you’re not on the first page of Google, your business is literally fighting for scraps.

We understand the importance of the best Brisbane SEO, and what impact it makes to your bottom line.  

Considering you’re on this page, I’m sure you now do too. 

SEO Brisbane
Skilled SEO Company Brisbane

Level 10 Master Skilled SEO Company

Constant Clicks has been driving website’s to the first page of Google since 2012.

Since then, we’ve seen our fair share of SEO agencies come and go.

Our head of Search Engine Optimisation has learnt that the hard way. Most larger agencies have no room for customer success.

You’ll be passed down through account manager to account manager. Dealing with low paid interns doing the dirty work; only to be left with a foul taste in your mouth and a dried up marketing budget. 

For ultimate client results and longevity, an SEO company must only deal with a small volume of clientele that you can truly service.

That’s why we don’t deal with every client. Claim a free 1 on 1 strategy to see if we’re a good fit. 


Your Website’s SEO Brisbane Organic Rankings 

With over 200 Google ranking factors, it’s easy to get caught up with all the jargon. 

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed online utilising our secret white-hat SEO methods. 

You see, there are a lot of SEO companies offering cheap, nasty, get rich quick schemes.

Claiming to be the next golden ticket. With us, honesty is the best policy.

Just like in life, there are only two guarantee’s; tax & death.

We can’t guarantee you first page rankings, or scam you into signing up. But our client results speak for themselves.

The only problem you’ll have with our proven step-by-step ranking strategy, is that you didn’t invest sooner.

SEO Increases Website Traffic
on-page SEO

Long-Term SEO Brisbane Results

No Black-Hat Techniques 

Our Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane services guarantee not to utilise Black-Hat, spammy technique that will quickly have you banned from Google.

Our expert SEO Brisbane approach is about long-term SEO results that will have you winning a long way down the track. 

A lot of digital agencies may promise big results quickly, but can’t guarantee your site won’t be compromised by Google.


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Succeed with Our 9 Step Expert SEO Marketing Strategy:

On-Page Brisbane SEO

Learn More »

On Page SEO Brisbane

On-Page SEO Brisbane refers to the content and elements on your website that you can control.

This is more than content marketing, you need to go deeper, into the HTML of your site (the coded backend).

Technical Brisbane SEO

Learn More »

Technical SEO Brisbane
Technical SEO Brisbane refers to optimising your server to help Google crawl your site.
Technical SEO Brisbane requires a developer with skillset based around the platform you utilise. Preferably WordPress.

Off-Page Brisbane SEO

Learn More »

Off Page SEO
Off-Page SEO Brisbane is everything off your website but still affiliated.
This includes backlinks, citations, social media shares & off-site content. The goal is to improve your domain rating (DR).

SEO Brisbane Website Audit

Learn More »

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

Before we consider working on an SEO Brisbane project, we first have to audit your website’s content to identify on-page elements that need to be fixed.

Next we will fill in the content gaps and develop an on-going content marketing strategy.

SEO Brisbane Keyword Research

Learn More »

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an important phase 1 component of a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign. 

This is where we identify high search volume keywords that have low KD (Keyword Difficulty)

Local SEO Brisbane

Learn More »

Local SEO Brisbane

Local SEO Brisbane refers to the optimisation of your website to appear on local searches. 

Local optimisation is especially crucial if you’re a local service based business.

Content Creation

Learn More »

SEO Content Hacking

Content is king when it comes to Google, without it, your website wouldn’t exist. 

We will develop an in-depth content strategy to reverse engineer Google’s algorithm and skyrocket you to Page 1.

Brisbane SEO Authority Backlinks

Learn More »

SEO Backlinks

Now you have strong authority building content on your website, it’s time to build some high quality backlinks.

Constant Clicks uses propriety link building software to scan the web and find the highest quality links for your website.

Brisbane SEO Social Signals

Learn More »

SEO Social Media Signals

In 2019 social signals are still a massive part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Our SEO Brisbane Team will put our social media experts to work building real, authentic signals to grow your traffic, month on month.

FREE Google Friendly SEO Brisbane Website Audit

Enter Your Website Address for a FREE Step by Step Brisbane SEO Guide:

Watch Matt Cutts Explain How Google Search Works:

Watch Matt Cutts, known for Safe Search & Google’s Webspam Team explain how Google Indexes Pages.

This will give you some insight into how Google truly works, and why true authority instead of spam backlinks have become a massive part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Our Brisbane SEO Services

Why Your Business Would Benefit in Partnering with Brisbane’s Best SEO Agency

1. SEO Brisbane Traffic is High Converting

Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane is an inbound marketing strategy.

This means the customer is actively searching for your product or service in what we call: “the ready-to-buy” state of mind.

Because of this, organic traffic will convert higher than the majority of other forms of paid advertising.

SEO Campaign Goals
SEO Consultants Brisbane

2. SEO Brisbane Makes for Unlimited Clicks


You will never pay-per-click for organic listings.

If you’re looking to implement SEO Brisbane for your businesses website, chances are you have tried Google Ads or Social Media Marketing in the past.

Comparatively, SEO means you will never be limited by ad spend. This means our SEO team will open the floodgates; allowing unlimited prospects to click on your organic listing.

3. SEO Brisbane Produces More Revenue!


Organic SEO as a service is about 5.6 times better than paid ads.

As such, a Search Engine Optimisation project will often generate up to 10x the revenue compared to traditional paid search. 

This being said, marketing is marketing. SEO Brisbane should be combined with a suite of digital marketing solutions to achieve an ultimate business goal. 


Small Business SEO
SEO Authority & Trust

4. SEO Brisbane Builds Authority & Trust


How many times have you Google’d a product or service and skipped straight past the ads to the #1 position organically?

There’s a reason why: 

You do this because the brain is systematically programmed to trust the organic listings more than Google’s ad space.

This not only leads to more traffic, moreover, the traffic has a higher chance of buying because they trust you.

5. SEO Doesn’t Cost-Per-Click!


On average, every 2 years your CPC’s will double with Google Ads. 

You see, as more competition comes to the market your click costs will only get higher. 

Facebook is no different.

The biggest regret our Brisbane SEO clients have, is that they didn’t invest sooner.

Affordable SEO Packages

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Why Choose Our Brisbane SEO Services? 

We Don’t Just Talk the SEO Talk:

We Walk the SEO Walk!

6x Traffic Growth in 12 Months

SEO Campaign: Outdoor Survival


10x Traffic Growth in 12 Months

SEO Campaign: Gym Equipment


Penalty Recovery: 2x Traffic in 2 Months

SEO Campaign: E-Commerce


How SEO Brisbane Marketing Works in a Nustshell:

Frequently Asked SEO Brisbane Questions (FAQ):

What does SEO Brisbane Stand For?

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

What does Search Engine Optimisation Mean?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a form of digital marketing that helps businesses grow traffic, leads and sales.

By definition, SEO is the process of optimising the content on your website and content that is affiliated with your website to advance higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

This will then reflect in increased traffic from major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google and DuckDuckGo. 

How Does SEO Work for Brisbane Businesses?

Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term inbound marketing strategy with the objective being: Get your businesses website to the number #1 spot on major search engines.

The way we do this is simply broken down into 4 main components.

They are:

(1) On-Page SEO Optimisation

(2) Off-Page SEO Optimisation

(3) Technical SEO Optimisation

(4) Local SEO Optimisation

The above four components need to be fine-tuned and monitored properly, while following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, to improve your search engine rankings.

When you optimise the 4 aforementioned components of SEO, major search engines will begin favouring your website and prioritising you in relevant searches.

This opens up your business for more traffic, and ultimately, more leads and sales.

How To Do Expert SEO Brisbane Yourself?

The majority of business owners we speak to simply don’t have the time, skill set or resources to do SEO.

We also invest thousands of dollars into SEO services tools per month which make our job easier.

That being said, if you’re looking to become a fellow SEO expert, we admire your DIY attitude!

If you want to pursue SEO services yourself, the first step is to master your website platform, ideally WordPress.

Next, you want an in-depth look into Keyword Research to identify high search volume keywords that will be profitable, yet easy to rank for.

Yoasts free, and premium, WordPress plugin assists with optimising your website’s on-page content. 

With this plugin, you want to optimise your website’s pages and content to target high valuable keywords.

This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  1. Title Tags
  2. <h1> to <h6> Tags
  3. Image Alt Tags
  4. Keyword Density
  5. Content Quality & Readability
  6. Internal Links
  7. External Links
  8. Content Development (Blog)
  9. Page Loading Speed
  10. Mobile Friendliness
  11. Responsive Design
  12. Schema Markup
  13. Website UX (User-Experience)
  14. Overall Usability of Your Website

Once you have optimised your website and pages around the keywords you want to rank for, the next step is to optimise your off-page elements.


Off-Page SEO elements include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Back link building

  2. Local Citation Links

  3. Authority Content

  4. Guest Posting

  5. Guest Blogging

  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Influencer Marketing

Alternatively, you can Contact Us and enlist our digital marketing powerhouse to help you grow your website’s traffic

How Do You Choose an SEO Brisbane Agency?

Choosing an SEO company to help you grow your business will be one of the biggest marketing decisions you make.

Choose a company that utilises black-hat SEO methods and you’ll quickly find your website de-indexed or banned.

In other words, the SEO agency you choose literally holds your business success in their hands.

Outdated SEO strategies are constantly utilised by Cheap SEO agencies which will lead to more harm than good.


Here are a few tips to make sure you make the right agency decision:

  1. Ensure the Agency has Positive Google Reviews (Above 10)

  2. Choose an SEO Company with a Proven Track Record

  3. Choose an SEO Agency that’s a Premier Google Partner

  4. Make Sure The Digital Marketing Agency Tracks Your Success

  5. Define Your SEO Budget

  6. Define Your SEO Goals and Objectives

  7. Make Sure the SEO Agency Invests in Relevant SEO Analysis Tools

How much Does SEO Cost in Brisbane?

First of all, SEO Brisbane isn’t a cost. The definition between cost and investment is clear.

The SEO service investment depends on the project scope, and where your website is listed from day one.

For example, if you’re looking to pursue Search Engine Optimisation services on a new website, in a super competitive industry, the investment value will differ greatly to a small barber in a local area.

More importantly, we have to take a step back and define investment.

Would you rather spend $500/month and return $1,000?

Or spend $2,000/month and return $20k?

I’m sure the answer is obvious.

Our SEO consultants are qualified with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space.

This means we pay them handsomely as they’re extremely good at what they do.

Sure, you can find an SEO “expert” for $99/month on Fiverr, but I’m sure you know what the result will be.

Why Should Your Business Invest in our SEO Brisbane Services?

Google has become a a verb it’s that commonly thrown around. Google makes money from Google Ads. There is a way around paying the man and copping it on the chin. 

SEO allows us to optimise your website so you end up not paying for clicks and obtaining unlimited website traffic.

 SEO = Unlimited Clicks

SEO = 24/7 Listing on Google’s Search Engine

SEO = 70% of Users Don’t Click on Google AdWords

SEO = Google AdWords will double in CPC every 2 years

SEO = Bread winner in the long-term

How Long Does SEO Take to Rank Organically in Brisbane?

SEO is a long-term strategy that can take anywhere from 6-24 months depending on many factors.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, is just looking to rank you for invaluable, low search volume keywords.

This being said, we normally implement some quick win methods to capitalise on low hanging fruit.

These quick win methods will have your investment paid off as soon as possible so we focus on the long haul.

Remember, SEO isn’t about overnight rankings, it has to be natural in Google’s eyes, not black-hat or spammy.

Otherwise, you may risk having your website penalised, or even permanently banned.

Our Proven Step by Step SEO Action Plan:

 Our Local Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane Team has Broken Our Timeline into 4 Main Stages for Success.


SEO Stage 1: Technical SEO, Site Audit + Keyword Research

Time Frame: 1-3 Months

Stage 1 is about analysing your website for technical SEO improvements, auditing your website’s on-page content and in-depth keyword research and analysis.

We want to make sure your website is optimised and search engine friendly.

As we like to say, you want to make sure you have a clean house, before you invite a friend over.


This includes:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Test

  2. Website Speed Test

  3. SSL Certificate

  4. and more…

Next, we put our SEO tools into play and deep dive into the most rank-able and profitable keywords your website requires to fulfil your goals.

Once we have a set of keywords, a full website audit is next.

This will identify key improvements within your content that require immediate attention.


This includes:

  1. Header Tags

  2. Title Tags

  3. Image Alt Tags

  4. Schema Markup

  5. Local NAP’s

  6. and more…

SEO Stage 2: On-Page Implementation

Time frame: 2-6 Months


Stage 2 is about implementing the information we have gathered through stage 1.

The timeframe of this stage heavily depends on the size and workload of your website.

For example, a 10,000 page eCommerce site will be more time-intensive than a 10-page service-based business.

We need to make sure Google understands what you do, where you do it, and why you’re the authority in the marketplace.

Ranking on Google is no longer about building a few links and letting it run.

So this stage is more important than ever.

SEO Stage 3: Authority Building

Timeframe: 6-9 Months

Now that Google has indexed a search engine friendly website.

The next step is to build up the authority of your brand.

Just because Google knows what you do, doesn’t mean they will favour you in the SERP’s.

This stage is all about building up your Domain Authority and Social Signals.

We do this by building high-quality manual outreach backlinks, and naturally sharing your content online.

This is often skipped out on but is more often than not the most important component of a successful SEO strategy.

Stage 3 is where our SEO clients see massive wins and begin to grow exponentially.

Remember, SEO is a long-haul game.


SEO Stage 4: Consistent Improvement

Time frame: 9-12 Months & Beyond

Through the last stages of your campaign, we will combine all three strategies together to continue growing your acclaimed success.

This means improving your domain authority, tweaking and modifying on-page elements and consistently boosting results.

SEO is like going to the gym if you’ve been working on your gains and cutting off the fat, it’s you won’t lose your hard effort overnight.

That being said, over time your improvements can be lost if you don’t take the right moves.

This stage is where we implement our secret strategies to keep you winning month in, month out.

If you’re in a highly competitive industry, you may want to implement a maintenance plan to keep your rankings solid.

 Why is SEO Important for Your Brisbane Business?

SEO services are important because your website requires inbound traffic to grow leads and sales. Having a strong online presence is a key component of a strong business.

Combined with Google Ads, and other digital marketing mediums, your business will be placed in front of those actively searching for your business.

What is the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Yoast SEO is a widely used WordPress plugin that allows you to optimise your website’s on-page content. 

This will easily control how you align your website’s on-page elements tags to your ideal target keywords.

There are many plugins you can install to improve your Brisbane SEO results. Some paid, some free. 

Here are our 5 Favourite SEO Plugins for WordPress:

1: Yoast

2. All in One SEO Pack

3: Rank Math

4: SEOPress

5. SEO Framework 


What are some Free SEO Tools to Help Increase Traffic?

There are many free resources out there that will help boost your online visibility. 

 Free SEO tools for small businesses can take a lot of stress off the business allowing them to concentrate on what matters most, their product and customers.


Therefore, I’ve compiled our favourite completely Free SEO tools below:


  1.  Answer the Public
  2. Yoast SEO Plugin
  3. RankMath SEO Plugin
  5. Linkminer
  6.  Similarweb
  7.  GtMetrix
  8. Pingdom Tools
  9. JSON-LD Schema Generator 

What is Black-Hat SEO? 

Black-Hat SEO is a term that is banned in our office. This refers to old-school methods and techniques or ranking your website on Google. This will quickly have you penalised, or worse, banned from Google’s SERP’s.

Black-hat SEO services used to work before Google released its Penguin update. Since then, all backlinks mustn’t be spammy and must be relevant to the page.

Constant Clicks strictly utilise White-Hat SEO practices and guarantee your website won’t be penalised by Google. 

What is White-Hat SEO? 

White-Hat Search Engine Optimisation for your business is what we utilise to ensure your website isn’t penalised by Google. This is basically stating that we’re not trying to manipulate the search engine to rank your website.


Many cheap “SEO’s” will utlilise nasty black-hat techniques that will quickly have your website penalised either permanently, or temporary. 

We ensure all of our SEO account managers only develop White-Hat SEO campaigns that grow and scale traffic like crazy. 


Should I run PPC (Google AdWords) or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

The short answer: it depends.

The scariest number in business is #1. 

You want to ensure you have leads and sales coming from more than 1 source. This means, depending on the industry you’re in, SEO or PPC may be combined together or used seperately.

We always recommend running Google Ads so we can find out what keywords convert well for your website.  


I’ve Used Brisbane SEO Before Without Results?

Brisbane SEO Services vary heavily from SEO agency to SEO agency. 

This being the same within every industry, but unfortunately SEO agencies in Australia have racked up quite a bad reputation. This being said, you will always find the good with the bad. 

Just because the first SEO “specialist” who actually outsourced everything for cheap and did no work didn’t get you good results, doesn’t mean we cannot.

Constant Clicks ensures our SEO Services are the best in Australia because we hire the best SEO specialists.

5 SEO Statistics from 2019 That’ll Blow Your Mind!

  1. Google currently holds more than 90% of the search engine market worldwide

  2. More than 70% of people scroll directly past the Google Ads to click on the organic results

  3. Bounce Rate Increases by 50% if your website is 2 seconds slower

  4. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations

  5. 18% of location-based mobile searches result in a sale within one day

How to Get Started with our SEO Brisbane Services?

To get started, simply book in a FREE 30 minute SEO Brisbane strategy call.


This call will provide you with a step by step gameplan to outrank your competitors on Google and come out on top.

Unlike other Brisbane digital marketing agencies, our sales staff don’t work on a commsission basis.

What this means for you is that the specialist you speak to truly has your best interest in heart.

Book My Free 30 Minute Strategy Call

Act now before you miss out!

Talk to an SEO Brisbane Expert NOW:

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