7 Tips To Rank Higher On Google Maps

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Ranking high on Google’s SERPs is just one part of your process toward success. There are many other things you need to consider but here are 7 tips to rank higher on Google Maps.

Ranking high on Google Maps should be your top priority if you own a business.

This means directing people to your business easily!

Listing your business on Google is a good idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s a startup or it’s already an established brand.

Compared to regular SEO, it takes time to build your rank on Google Maps. Here are a few tips that have worked for 100’s of our SEO clients over the years.

List Your Business On Google

Before you even think about ranking on Google Maps, you should first check if your business is listed on Google already. The good news is that doing this is free of charge. Head to building your Business Profile up the form and make sure that every detail is correct.

Once done, Google will send you a postcard that verifies your address. This can take 2 weeks. If your postcard takes longer than usual, you can message Google for help, easy!

List Your Business On Google || 7 Tips to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Ask For Reviews

Reviews are vital for any business that has an online presence.

The more reviews you have, the better.

The first step is to ask for them. But if you’re struggling or a little impatient and want to skyrocket your review FAST then an ethical bribe works a treat. Incentivise them. You could have a monthly giveaway where they go into the draw to win something cool. Or, you might want to give them a $20 gift voucher.

Not only will growing your online reviews help increase your map rankings but you’ll convert more of the traffic already coming to your website.

It’s insane how much this will grow your business revenue, whatever you do NEVER underestimate the power of building up your review. What you say about you they doubt, what others say about you, they believe.

Ask for customer reviews

Create Good Content

Whether you’re ranking on Google’s SERPs or in Google Maps, content is king. Content is and will always be one of the leading ranking factors for SEO and it’s something that you should never ignore. Good quality content is something that Google looks for in businesses when it comes to rankings.

What does good content mean? For starters, good content is relevant to your business. Be it blog posts, photos, or videos, Google is always going to look for content that is going to be useful for your website visitors. At Constant Clicks, we usually capitalize on creating quality content for our clients when it comes to improving their SEO.

When creating content for your website, don’t be too caught up in optimizing it for SEO. Google wants content that’s easy to read and informative as they want the users of their search engines to be satisfied. Don’t get too caught up in keywords and tags that you end up sounding too robotic with your content.

Create Good Content || 7 Tips to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Embed Your Map Listing

Want to know the big secret about Google Maps?

You need to let Google know that your business exists.

How can you do this?

The simplest way is to embed your location on your website. Take it up a notch by embedding the location across all of your accounts online including Facebook.

Once Google sees that your business does exist, it is most likely to put priority over your business when it comes to Google Maps. Be consistent when it comes to the addresses that you put on your website and social media platforms as this will be good for you in the long run.

Embed Your Map Listing || 7 Tips to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Expand Your Backlinks

Backlinking is one of the most important things you can work on for your website. To put it simply, backlinks are external links that websites make that leads to your website. This helps establish your website as an authority online. It’s a good source for off-page SEO but most importantly, however, it puts you in a good light.

Your backlink profile with Google will also help you increase your ranking on Google Maps. Again, the goal here is to make Google notice your business as one that’s legitimate and authentic. Backlinks are some of the best ways to ensure that your business is a good source of consistent information.

Expand Your Backlinks || 7 Tips to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Add Photos To Your Business Listing

Adding photos to your business listing is a very vital practice. For one, it can help attract the attention of potential customers a lot easier. People can be drawn to businesses with photos as compared to those that don’t have them. Don’t just upload a photo make sure you take it directly from the Google my Business app while at your business address. Doing this embeds the location coordinates in the photo so sends a trust signal to Google that you are in fact a legitimate business.

Add Photos To Your Business Listing || 7 Tips to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Complete Your Business Details

It’s not enough to list your business on Google. It’s also important that you take the time to add in all of the important information that Google asks of you. These include photos of your location, the address of your business, your business description, and even the times that you operate.

Complete Your Business Info

Once Google sees these details, it will begin to understand that your business is active and is ready to handle enquiries from people. As such, expect to rank higher on Google Maps just by simply taking the time to input all the necessary information.

Securing a position in Google Maps is prime real estate. If you’ve done all of the basic things right then it’s your turn to seek out expert help.

Constant Clicks have advanced strategies but most importantly the experience to put your business on local maps. Grow your business with the help of local SEO experts. Reach out to us today and see if we may be the right fit.