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Make Your Google Ads Stand Out! NEW Google Ads Image Extensions

Make Your Google Ads Stand Out

Google Ads has been helping countless businesses promote their products & services since 2000. As intuitive as it may be, a lot of the success behind your Google Ad will depend on how you manage the ad itself. Without the proper techniques and practices, your listing is as good as any ad on Google. So, how can you make your Google Ads stand out? As with other forms of marketing, the key to a successful Google Ad is standing out. Just recently, Google has introduced what’s called image extensions. These might just be your key to better sales and engagements … Read more

Get the Most Out of Your Google Ads with This Simple Trick

Get The Most Out Of Your Google Ads

There are a lot of factors that would make people consider a marketing campaign as “being good.” A good approach, reaching out to the right people, and of course, good marketing materials. Have all three of these and then some and you’ll have an excellent marketing campaign ahead of you. But can you get the most out of Google Ads? However, even if you have all these three things working out for you, success isn’t immediately guaranteed. What annoys most marketers – us at Constant Clicks included, is having your ads reach places where the engagement or the lead is … Read more

3 reasons you should be spending MORE on Google Ads

3 reasons you should be spending MORE on Google Ads

I’ll never forget that conversation with a client going back about 3 years ago. He said, Brett, the only regret I have with Google Ads is that I didn’t spend more in the early days. Those words never left my mind. In part, I couldn’t help but feel partly to blame. Did I hold his business back? Maybe, I could’ve been more assertive. You see, Richard did what most businesses do. Start small and over many years slowly increase the budget over time. And…as a result, the sales SLOWING increase over time. Now, that’s okay if you’re not wanting BIG … Read more

How to Get More Google Reviews in 2024: 6 Steps to More Online Reviews

A lot of our marketing clients consistently ask me what the best way is to get more positive Google reviews online. 84% of people trust Google reviews as much as a real-life referral, they also help in boosting your local SEO efforts which will lead to more traffic to your website. In reading this guide, you will learn the secret methods we utilise as a digital marketing agency to consistently generate Google reviews on autopilot. The best way to get more Google reviews is to automate the process for your customers and ask them at the right time. This means … Read more

What Is Google Ads Click Fraud And How Do You Prevent It

What Is Google Ads Click Fraud And How Do You Prevent It

The main purpose of marketing campaigns – be it digital or traditional, is to get more people to support your business. One of the best ways to market your products, in our opinion, is via Google Ads. It’s simple and effective, but it’s not without challenges as well. You must have heard of Google Ads click fraud, so you may ask what this is and how do you prevent it? Everyone can click on your ad once it appears on SERPs via Google Ads. Everyone, including your competitors. As dirty a tactic as it may be, your competitors aren’t technically … Read more

How To Make Remarketing Work With Gmail Ads

How To Make Remarketing Work With Gmail Ads

A lot of marketers shudder at the thought of email marketing. They believe that it’s an outdated medium to generate leads and conversions. The stigma behind spam continues to put fear into marketers’ minds to this day, but is email marketing something that you should ignore? And how should you make remarketing work with Gmail Ads? What is Email Marketing? To put it simply, email marketing is a practice where you reach out to people via email to tell them more about your business. It involves simply reaching out to them to introduce what you offer but it can also … Read more

Are Negative Keywords Good for Your Google Ads Campaign?

Are Negative Keywords Good For Your Google Ads Campaign

With the right tweaks and adjustments, Google Ads can help you reach the right people at the right time. Many factors can make or break the success of your Google Ads and as experts on the matter, trust us when we say that even a single word can ruin your sales targets. So, are negative keywords good for your Google Ads campaign? While Google Ads incorporates many PPC principles and marketing techniques, at its very core are keywords. With the right set of keywords, your products & services are going to be appearing constantly when people make queries online. Of … Read more

Is SEO Better Than Google Ads?

Is SEO Better Than Google Ads

SEO and various forms of digital marketing have been super effective for businesses over the last 10 years. Understandably, it’s not always practical to steep your business in all forms of digital marketing as some of these methods may not be productive for your business. The question is, is SEO better than Google Ads? In most cases, businesses use SEO and Google Ads to maintain a solid footing in the online marketplace. For small businesses, investing in both options might not always be practical so which of the two should you pick? Before we talk about their comparisons, let’s first … Read more