Are Negative Keywords Good for Your Google Ads Campaign?

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With the right tweaks and adjustments, Google Ads can help you reach the right people at the right time. Many factors can make or break the success of your Google Ads and as experts on the matter, trust us when we say that even a single word can ruin your sales targets. So, are negative keywords good for your Google Ads campaign?

While Google Ads incorporates many PPC principles and marketing techniques, at its very core are keywords. With the right set of keywords, your products & services are going to be appearing constantly when people make queries online. Of course, the wrong keywords also mean that your products aren’t going to get the visibility they deserve.

One thing you need to know is that for you to generate the right traffic and better engagement,  you’re going to have to find the perfect keywords to connect to your ad. Creating a variety of match types means that you are going to have even more visibility online.

A match type that you must not ignore is negative keywords. To put it simply, negative keywords are match types that will prevent your ad from appearing when certain keywords are searched. They are the opposite of what you want but they can be used to your advantage as well.

Are Negative Keywords Good for Your Google Ads Campaign?

Let’s first dive deeper into how it works.

Think as if you’re in the market selling gaming chairs. When making your Google Ad, you’d tweak your keywords in a way that your listings are going to appear when people search for “cheap gaming chairs” or “budget-friendly gaming chairs.”

You want to cater to gamers specifically because your chairs are designed to benefit them as they play or stream. However, most of your traffic is coming from work-from-home people that are looking for ergonomic chairs for their daily use. Since your products aren’t what they are looking for, their clicks rarely result in sales.

Every Click Will Cost You || Are Negative Keywords Good For Your Google Ads Campaign

Every Click will Cost You

Since this is Google Ads we are talking about, then their clicks are still costing you money.

One way to remedy this problem is by creating negative keywords that will prevent unwanted traffic from eating up your ad spend. In this case, you can use “office chairs” as a negative keyword. That way, you can prevent home workers from finding and clicking your ads, thus, making your campaign more cost-efficient.

You can also use negative keywords to prevent people from far off places from finding and clicking your ads. For instance, if you are offering services exclusive to Perth, then you can use negative keywords to prevent people from Sydney, Victoria or other far off places from wasting your ad spend.

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There are many reasons why you’d want to limit the amount of irrelevant traffic you’re getting for your ads. One is that irrelevant traffic is useless to you. At the same time, you are spending money on clicks that won’t translate to actual leads and sales.

Negative keywords aren’t exactly bad. As we’ve said, they can be used to your advantage. In this case, you can use negative keywords to drive relevant traffic up by a huge margin. The key is to narrow down your Google Ads keywords as much as possible.

Are Negative Keywords Good For Your Google Ads Campaign?

Negative Keywords: A Friend Or Foe?

If you ask us, negative keywords are something that can benefit you in the long run. A lot of marketers are afraid to use it because they think that it’s something that can prevent better numbers on their end. When in fact, negative keywords can effectively drive up sales given the right practices.

Our expert marketers at Constant Clicks try to use negative keywords as much as possible because we’ve personally seen exactly how efficient it can be. Google Ads can be costly which is why you should make use of negative keywords well for your ad campaigns.

There’s a chance that a vast majority of the clicks you are getting come from irrelevant clicks and this is something to worry about. Negative keywords can effectively reduce the number of irrelevant clicks you are getting. Basically, using it guarantees that you are getting the most out of your money as well.

Google Ads and other PPC models can be very expensive but on the other hand, they can be quite effective as well. It’s all about making sure your money is being poured into the right results. With negative keywords, you can ensure that you are generating the highest possible return on investment from your ads.