5 SEO Tools You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

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Years since its inception, SEO continues to be the driving force behind engagements and clicks online. Useful as it may be, SEO is still a concept that’s hard to grasp by many. To be truthfully honest, we at Constant Clicks have to continuously adapt to the changes made for SEO just because it’s so dynamic. So, it might interest you to know 5 SEO tools you need to have in your arsenal.

One little secret we can share with you is that we don’t do things manually when it comes to SEO. We use an assortment of SEO tools that allow us to generate better results for our clients. With the myriad of SEO tools out there, picking one that fits your needs can be quite the undertaking.

5 SEO Tools You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

Here are a few SEO tools you definitely shouldn’t be without.

1. Yoast

Yoast is a plug-in that’s worth getting if you are managing your website through WordPress. This intuitive tool lets you optimize your content for better ranking. It’s the perfect tool for those that have limited knowledge of SEO but it’s also often used by the pros as an added measure for their SEO.

The plug-in works by measuring the SEO of your content in real-time. It will then show what types of changes or adjustments you need to make to improve the SEO ranking of the posts. Aside from SEO, Yoast can also measure the readability of your content so that you don’t sound robotic when trying to optimize for content.

Yoast lets you manage everything right from the snippets to the alt text of your image. It’s a very important tool to have especially for websites that focus solely on content creation.

Yoast || 5 SEO Tools You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

2. Ahrefs

Many marketers have dubbed Ahrefs as one of the most recommended SEO tools online. Many of them suggest that it’s the second platform to Google in terms of the largest website crawlers. It’s a tool that expert marketers and SEO analysts use to stay ahead of the game and it’s time that you use it as well.

Ahrefs Features

Ahrefs makes use of various features to make sure that you are on top of your game when it comes to SEO. Some of their noteworthy features include:

  • Rank Tracker – Let’s track your website’s ranking.
  • Site Auditor –  Audits your website and looks for possible improvements.
  • Content Explorer – Suggests possible new and fresh content that’s relevant to your website.
  • Keyword Explorer – Helps you find the best keywords for your content and website.

Ahrefs isn’t a free tool to use but it’s worth it considering that you can greatly improve engagements and clicks on your website by a huge margin using it. The good news is that the tool does come with a trial version that lets you test out the platform fully.

Ahrefs || 5 SEO Tools You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

3. Google Search Console

It used to be called Google Webmaster Tools, it is a free tool that works along with Google Analytics and your website. To put it simply, Google Search Console gives you full control over your website, the numbers it produces, and most importantly, your SEO.

Google Analytics working on web browser.

Remember, this is a tool that’s made by Google itself and that means it’s bound to work perfectly well with SEO. In summary, Google Search Console tracks the performance of your website and then gives you suggestions on how to improve it based on the guidelines set by Google.

There’s not a lot to say about Google Search Console other than the fact that it’s one of the driving factors behind better website performance. It’s basically like Google’s instructing you itself on what actions you can take to drive clicks.

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Don’t let the name fool you, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is the industry-leading website crawler that can do a complete analysis of your website. It will look for things like broken links, XML sitemaps, and many others on your website. Screaming Frog SEO Spider comes in a paid and trial version.

Paying for Screaming Frog SEO Spider will give you access to exclusive features such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration. It allows you to have a full suite of SEO tools you can use to further improve your website.

The tool’s ultimate goal is to enable you to automatically optimize and organize your website to fit the algorithms for SEO. It’s an amazing platform that no website owner or marketer should be without.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider || 5 SEO Tools You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

5. SEMRush

For marketing-focused SEO, you should consider getting SEMRush. It’s a fan favourite within the SEO community. One of the biggest benefits of using the platform is that it allows you to easily assess your website’s ranking and make changes to it to get better results in the future.

Another critical feature of SEMRush is its Domain vs. Domain analysis. As the name suggests, it allows you to directly compare your website with competitor websites. It gives you a rundown on the things that you are doing similarly and the things that you are doing differently from one another.

This comparison tool gives you an in-depth look at the difference between your website and competitors’ websites. You’ll get data such as search data, traffic reports, and many others. In doing so, you can either keep up with your competitors or leave them in the dust as you rise to the top.


Are these tools worth it?

Put it this way, even the top marketers from around the world are using these tools to their advantage. It will give you an upper hand on the changes that you need to make for your website. Most importantly, however, these tools allow you to reach your maximum potential when it comes to SEO.

Most of the SEO tools that you’ll come across are paid services. If you ask us, investing in these services is a good thing and your money is in good hands should you choose to invest in them? Let the results speak for themselves when you begin to incorporate these solutions into your next SEO campaign.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these SEO tools don’t work like magic. Don’t expect it to propel your views to heights you’ve never seen before in an instant. Like SEO itself, these work better under the hands of professional marketers.

They’re best used in the hands of people that live and breathe SEO – like us here at Constant Clicks.

SEO tools might just be what’s missing in your website. Should you have the chance, make sure you put these tools to good use.