3 reasons you should be spending MORE on Google Ads

Sep 14, 2021

I’ll never forget that conversation with a client going back about 3 year ago. He said, Brett, the only regret I have with Google Ads is that I didn’t spend more in the early days.

Those words never left my mind. In part I couldn’t help but feel part to blame. Did I hold his business back? Maybe, I could’ve been more assertive.

You see, Richard did what most businesses do. Start small and over many years SLOWING increase the budget over time. And…as a result, the sales SLOWING increase over time.

Now, that’s okay if you’re not wanting BIG growth, and that’s certainly not for everyone, a smaller budget is perfectly fine.

But the problem is that if you’re spending too little, then the competition with more aggressive budgets will receive the lion’s share of the traffic and you’ll be left fighting for scraps.

Google ads is a pay per click system so the budget you allocate plays a major part of how many clicks you’ll receive.

Let’s say you invest $20 per day with a cost per click of $2 per click, you’ll get 10 clicks per day.

Now lets say your competitor invests $250 per day with the same click cost of $2, they’ll get 125 clicks per day.

So it will take you 12.5 days for you to generate 125 clicks that your competitor can get in a single day.

The good news is that google ads is a level playing field and smaller budgets can work beautifully, but I see too many businesses who WANT to accelerate their GROWTH but just aren’t willing to spend more.

3 reasons you should be spending MORE on Google Ads

1.To buy more customers.

When you think about if advertising allows you to drive more customers to your door, aren’t you simply using it as a means to buy customers? So investing more in your ads providing that they are already profitable will bring you more customers. The budget you set will determine how many clicks you can receive and therefore how many leads or sales you generate.

2.To buy speed.

If you want to scale your business FAST then the only way to do it is with more customers. And Google ads with a higher budget will allow you to receive more traffic, leads and sales. And…you could achieve your 3 year goals in just a short 12 months.

3.Hand pick the best customers & avoid price wars

When you’re generating an abundance of leads and opportunities you get to be a bit more picky with the customers you take on and you charge MORE.

How much should I be spending on Google Ads for GROWTH?

10% to 15% of your revenue must be put back into your advertising budget.

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