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5 SEO Tools You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

5 SEO Tools You Need To Have In Your Arsenal

Years since its inception, SEO continues to be the driving force behind engagements and clicks online. Useful as it may be, SEO is still a concept that’s hard to grasp by many. To be truthfully honest, we at Constant Clicks have to continuously adapt to the changes made for SEO just because it’s so dynamic. So, it might interest you to know 5 SEO tools you need to have in your arsenal. One little secret we can share with you is that we don’t do things manually when it comes to SEO. We use an assortment of SEO tools that … Read more

5 Marketing Mistakes that are Bad for Your Website

5 Marketing Mistakes that are Bad for Your Website

Running a website for your business can go one of two ways. You’re either using the website at its full capacity and are making good sales with it, or you’re wasting your effort and money with a website that isn’t getting enough clicks. Just as you can do the right things, you can also do wrong moves when running a website. Learn about these 5 marketing mistakes that are bad for your website. Your website is a marketing tool in itself. From there, you can generate more leads than you would by simply opening a brick and mortar store. The … Read more

4 Major Factors in Improving Your SEO

4 Major Factors in Improving Your SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation has been a blessing for business owners over the last decade. With proper optimisation, even new businesses and new websites can hold their own against the top names in their respective industries. While amazing, SEO isn’t without its challenges, so here are 4 major factors in improving your SEO. Optimising your website to rank higher in search engines is easier said than done. There’s a reason why we offer our expertise to those who are still fairly new to understanding the gist and importance of SEO. Before we talk about the important steps you can … Read more

Penalised by Google? Here’s How You Can Get Out of It

Penalised by Google? Here's How You Can Get Out of It

Google Ads is a vital tool for your business but it’s not without its fair share of challenges. Like most PPC platforms, Google Ads is only as good as the effort and investment you put into it. It’s not always sales and leads that are right in front of you. You might be one of those users that have been penalised by Google. To keep the advertising platform clean and free from illicit ads or content, Google constantly scores advertisers with a system called ad rank. This important factor makes or breaks your campaign, so it’s better to understand it. … Read more