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The 14 things you MUST know before hiring a Sydney SEO company in 2022

Finding an SEO agency in Sydney can be a tough job for the uninitiated. Just what should you know before hiring a company? 


What Is SEO?

SEO is a set of practices and techniques that strive to increase your website’s ranking and visibility on search engines. For website owners like yourself, higher placement on Google, Bing, or other search engines, means that you’ll have better chances of getting visits than those below you.

The first page of Google gets up to 92% of the traffic on the internet. The second page gets around 6% of the traffic at most. Your goal isn’t just to place on the first page. It’s to get to the top five results as around 67.6% clicks are given to them.

There’s no real downside to finding SEO consultants Sydney is thriving with. However, what you need to know is that it’s a dynamic and complex process.

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SEO in Sydney is very important as the city is ripe with competitive businesses and amazing talent.

Marketers devote years of their career to understanding SEO – even adapting to its various changes on an annual basis. It’s often best to find SEO agencies to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

There are lots of SEO companies in Sydney and that shouldn’t be surprising considering how competitive businesses are in the area. If you want to find one to help you out, then here are 15 things you MUST know before hiring an SEO agency Sydney has this 2022.

15 Things You Must Know


SEO Is Vital

For now, you might be on the fence about getting SEO services for your website or business. This is understandable as it might not be something that you are familiar with after all. It also doesn’t help that SEO services can be expensive.

If you’re struggling to make sales or have your services availed, it might not be because you have a poor product. It can be because you lack visibility on search engines.

SEO gets you upfront your customers.

According to statistics from Google, 76% people who search on their smartphones for something nearby and visit a business within a day.

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What the numbers mean is that SEO can effectively help you increase your sales. It’s not just about getting more visits on your website, it’s also about converting those leads into valuable numbers for your business.

To put it simply, SEO is vital for your business. Not just for it’s visibility, but also for your profits. 


Finding The Right SEO Agency

As we’ve said, there are many SEO agencies in Sydney alone. The first thing you should know is to understand what you need to look for in a single company.

This is just a gist of the things that you need to inspect when looking for an SEO agency. You should first create a list of the agencies you are interested in and then narrow down that list using the criteria above. 


This isn’t to bring down any newcomers in the industry. However, experience is very important. It’s easier to see the worth of an SEO agency in Sydney if they have a selection of successful clients.


These are clear1 and concrete proof of an SEO agency’s abilities. There are various certifications that an SEO agency might hold for analytics and PPC. To get these certifications, they need to undergo rigorous training and testing first.


Some agencies are willing to adjust their campaigns to suit the budget of others. Still, getting an idea of how much they charge is a good way to narrow your search.


SEO is just the beginning of your business journey. You might want to dive into other practices such as social media marketing and even Google Ads. SEO agencies that offer a variety of services to choose from are always a good option.


There’s Going To Be Focus On Content

If you’ve searched about SEO before, then you’re probably familiar with this saying: Content is King.

Content is going to be a crucial part of any SEO campaign strategy. One of the first things an SEO agency will do for your business is to start an aggressive content campaign which also includes link building strategies.

The purpose of content marketing is to give people more reason to visit your website. By posting content that’s relevant to your products or services, you can easily find people who are looking for answers to questions related to your field.

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Content is one of the most important factors when it comes to your ranking efforts. By posting quality content regularly, Google will put priority on your website.

It’s not just about creating good content regularly. SEO agencies are going to have to update your old content for new information as well. Doing this adds value to your old content and SEO agencies are able to utilize what you have in your website even further.


It's a Long-Term Partnership

One of the common misunderstandings that people have when it comes to SEO is that they think results happen almost immediately. However, partnerships between SEO agencies and businesses are often long-term.

The average time you can expect to see SEO efforts to work lies somewhere between 6 and 12 months. It’s a long but fruitful journey that needs a lot of patience from both you and the agency you choose.

This is why it’s very important that you choose your SEO agency from Sydney well.

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It’s very troublesome to have to change SEO agencies in between campaigns because that often means starting from scratch. It’s a waste of both your time and money.

Finding a good SEO agency is finding a long-term partner for your business. It can be challenging to find a good team to help guide you at first but that effort you take is going to be well worth it eventually. 


SEO Is Just One Part Of A Whole

Smart business owners know that it’s bad to put all of their eggs in one basket.

Don’t limit yourself to focusing solely on SEO. There are lots of digital marketing practices that you can benefit from. The good news is that some SEO agencies go beyond SEO.

If you’re running a service or a product-based business, you can benefit from Google Ads. This PPC platform lets your products or services appear on Google as part of the results once people make the right searches.

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Going beyond SEO means maximizing the potential of your business.

While our expert marketers do SEO, we also have certified Google Ad specialist on our team.. It’s good to find SEO agencies that also offer other services because it would be more practical and efficient to grow alongside them.

One benefit to this is that you already have a good understanding of the quality of work they deliver. The more an SEO agency works with you, the more they’ll understand your audience as well so they’ll be able to create better campaigns.

While it’s enticing to have multiple outlets for digital marketing, don’t rush the process. Let the SEO agency direct the flow of your digital marketing campaigns so that you get the most out of your marketing budget. 


Average Cost Of SEO Services

Sydney SEO services – or any other marketing services aren’t free. Don’t think of it as another expense on your wallet. It’s an investment if anything else.

The average cost of an SEO service in Sydney can be somewhere between $1,400-$10,000 per month. It’s obviously not cheap but think about the long term benefits. You can get your returns in just a few months with the proper SEO services backing up your business.

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This fee will include all the standard procedures when it comes to SEO. If you ask us, it’s well worth investing in SEO services because they can really help your business grow.

The fees vary from an SEO agency to an SEO agency. When looking for one, make sure to consider your budget as well. Moreover, don’t be afraid to reach out to the agencies themselves as they can offer you deals that will help you get the most out of your money even if you’re on a tight budget. 


Your SEO Is Different From Others

It can be very tempting to compare how an SEO agency handles your SEO with others. However, what you need to bear in mind is that SEO needs vary from business to business.

What works for you might not work for others. What works for others might not work for you.

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Ultimately, it’s up to the SEO agency to decide how they will handle your SEO. They’ll do an in-depth case study of your business and target audience among other things. 


SEO Agencies Can’t Change A Poor Product Or Service

The main goal of all SEO agencies is to simply make sure that your website is more visible on search engines. That alone is a daunting task already.

What they can’t do, however, is help a poor product or service stand out amidst a competitive market. Even the best SEO agency Sydney has can’t do this.

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The truth may hurt but you need to understand that there’s only so much that marketing can do. Even the most skilled SEO agencies can’t help a poor product or service be profitable if there are other options alongside it.

As a business owner, you’ll still be responsible for the quality of what you offer. Invest time and money into improving what you have.

It’s wrong to think that SEO agencies in Sydney can make a profitable business with poor products and services. SEO isn’t magic. There needs to be a good foundation for the entire system to work in your favour.

If you think your product or services isn’t cutting it, invest some time and money into developing it. It’s wonderful if you have a good product and an excellent SEO campaign to support it. 


SEO Is More Than Just Keywords Now

This isn’t likely the first time you’ve heard about SEO. It’s a lot different than what it used to be years ago. Thanks to its dynamic nature, SEO has become a driving force towards better user experiences online.

Google updates its algorithms regularly to ensure that people get the experience they need and want when using the search engine.

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Now, SEO also factors in things like the security of the website and its compatibility with mobile devices. What this means is that you must find an SEO agency that knows all of those metrics that affect your ranking. You should also find one that’s able to adapt to the dynamic nature of SEO.

It’s a big red flag if the SEO agency you are hiring is focusing mainly on keywords only.


Security Is A MUST

There have been numerous million-dollar security breaches over the last couple of years. The biggest so far was Yahoo!’s data breach which affected over 3 billion accounts on the platform.

This is an important matter because since those data breaches, governments, internet companies, and people have become more cautious about digital security. Of those concerned for the safety of people browsing online is none other than Google. 


Past Projects/Case Studies Prove An Agency’s Worth

SEO agencies in Sydney that have years worth of experience shouldn’t be afraid to show proof of their journey.

They should be able to show a list of past clients or even case studies to anyone who’s interested in availing of their services. The good news is that most SEO agencies make this information readily available on their website – no questions asked.

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Browsing through an agency’s case studies and past clients will also help you see the type of work they are capable of doing. From there, you can check if you can jive well with SEO experts Sydney has or not.

You should also scour an SEO agency’s website for any client reviews. Apart from their website, the reviews should also be readily available to view on Google.

The common mistake here is that people only look for good reviews. Finding bad reviews is essential as well. This helps you better gauge the skill and worth of an agency so don’t be afraid to scour the internet for those one or two star reviews. 


Link Building Is More Complex Than You Think

Link building is one of the pillars of SEO. The more authority sites that you link to and that link to you, the better your ranking will be.

Campaigns to expand your links natural is tough. Google now penalizes websites that link to content farms so that’s already out of the question.

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One of the first steps towards link building is creating content that other people and websites would link to. If you create relevant content that’s rich with information and is well-written, other websites will begin to use that content as a source of information as well.

The links coming to and from your website should come from websites that have a good reputation as well. Once your link building

This is often the most intensive part of an SEO strategy because it means creating content that’s good enough for well-established websites to link to. However, the effort into improving your backlinks is worth it as this is one of the best ways to generate off-page SEO and traffic. 


Website Development Is Now Part Of SEO

The speed and performance of your website matters when it comes to SEO as well.

Recent studies reveal that internet users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Check your website now and countdown exactly how long before it fully loads. If it goes beyond 3 seconds, you’re losing clicks and viewers fast.

As it has become one of the metrics for better SEO, SEO agencies now also include web development in their lineup of services. This involves fixing your website’s desktop and mobile versions. 

Website performance is critical as Google cares for the
user experience your website delivers. It’s not just about
fast and efficient websites anymore. It’s also about having
a website that’s easy to navigate and intuitive to use as well.

Some of the changes that an SEO agency is likely to do your website includes:


Expect Lots Of Changes

Lastly, no SEO strategy is the same and consistent.

Expert SEO agencies need to be versatile and resilient when it comes to SEO. Changes are made to algorithms regularly and if an SEO agency isn’t able to adapt, the efforts they make for your website’s SEO will be wasted.

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SEO can also change depending on what’s trending as well. Once you have an SEO campaign that’s in full swing, you’ll need to cooperate with the team you’re working with.

You’re availing SEO services Sydney has from them but your output is going to be well appreciated too. As trends and algorithms change, expect your SEO strategy to adapt along with them. It’s a challenging journey but once your SEO agency has it under control, you’ll reap the benefits of a website with good SEO.

Finding an SEO agency in Sydney can be tough considering the number of options available to you. You need to be smart with who you partner with because as we’ve said, this is a long and fruitful journey. With the right SEO agency by your side, you can stand alongside the biggest names in the industry you are in.

You don’t need to look far if you want to find a good SEO agency. Here at Constant Clicks, our expert team of marketers are more than welcome to help you with your website’s needs. Aside from SEO, they also specialize in Google Ads, digital marketing, and many others.

We strive to be the best SEO company in Sydney and our journey starts with you! 

5 Biggest Data Breach

Google has become more strict when it comes to security issues. They put priority over websites that put security at the forefront.

The best SEO agency Sydney has that’s worth their claim should understand that security is indeed a vital part of the entire SEO system.

3 billion accounts

1.1 billion accounts

700 million accounts

538 million accounts

533 million accounts

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