Aug 1, 2017

Have you ever yelled at your computer because the internet has been so slow? I know I have. Waiting a few extra seconds for a page to load feels like an eternity. And let’s face it we live in a world of instant gratification where we have everything at our fingertips and as a result our patience is thinner.

Online TV and Movie streaming services make the drive to the video shop a thing of the past. Need to see the Doc? Why waste time driving there and waiting for up to an hour to be seen when Doctors can now come to your home. You have people at Disney World paying for passes to jump the queue so they don’t have to wait. With online shopping some people will happily pay extra to have their product shipped to them same day.

Everyone wants it quick and easy these days.

So how long will people wait for your website to load before they’re gone, Sayōnara?

According to Google “Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.”

So having a slow loading website will decrease your conversions and hurt your bottom line.

Whatever you do, don’t make people wait.

Google are soon to update their mobile-friendly algorithm and when they do they’ll add mobile-specific page speed as a factor. This update could only be a months away.

There are some free tools to test the performance of your websites.
This is one of Google’s tools. It score you out of 100 on Mobile Speed, Desktop Speed and Mobile Friendliness.
This tool is awesome as it gives the load time of your website in seconds.

Chrome Browser
If you’re a bit more tech savvy than you can use your Chrome Browser, select developer tools click on the Network tab and you’ll see the results in very bottom of your screen > “DomContentLoaded”. The youtube link above explains exactly how to use this tool. The cool thing is you can change the internet speed and really see how your site performs on all internet connections.

The key point is speed up your website and your conversions will increase.

If you want to boost the speed of your website talk to your website developer or feel to reach out to us today for a free quote.

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