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Catapult Your Website to the Top of Google

Become Unmissable & Attract a Regular Stream of ‘Ready to Buy’ Customers

Use Google to target quality, organic traffic that turns into paying customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Enjoy the consistent sales, growth and revenue opportunities that come from being unmissable on Google. 

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time *Worth $500

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90.63% of ALL Websites Get No Organic Traffic. Yours Might be One of Them…

As the #1 search engine in the world, Google processes 63,000 searches every second. It’s a safe bet to say your customers are using Google to search for local businesses like yours… So why aren’t you seeing the traffic, calls or conversions you’d like?

Google has the potential to direct a steady stream of customers lining up to throw cash at you – but maybe it feels like everything you try ends up misfiring. You might have tried applying SEO strategies yourself without results to show for it. Or, maybe you trusted an SEO agency to boost your rankings and ended up trapped in a lock-in contract with nothing to show for it (except a shrinking bank account).

You *know* that Google can take your business to the next level. But the more you research SEO, the more confusing and conflicting advice, recommendations and strategies you get.

Every day your competition ranks above you on Google is a day they’re taking the traffic, leads & customers you want…

So what are you doing to improve your Google rankings?

Getting the Most out of Google Can Be an Expensive and Time-Consuming Nightmare

Until you find a proven strategy to boost your visibility on the world’s top search engine, your ability to attract site traffic and generate quality leads will suffer. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve looked into SEO by yourself or with someone else, improving your rankings and generating regular organic traffic and leads is anything but easy.

Do any of the following resonate with you…

You’ve tried doing SEO before but the increase in traffic or leads never came? And it’s left you wondering if SEO just “doesn’t work” for your business even though everyone talks about it…

You’ve worked with an SEO agency before who said all the right things? And their results (or lack of) ended up leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth and the nagging feeling of being used…

You get leads through Google but the quality is inconsistent and unpredictable? And it’s impossible to scale your business or make plans for the future with any confidence…

Your competition always seems to be ranking above you on Google? And it’s frustrating watching them take the majority of traffic while your business is hard to find online…

You don’t have enough customers to sustain your revenue? And the thought of laying off staff or closing your business ties your stomach in knots…

You’re starting to feel the crushing pressure of finding new clients? And the stress of trying to attract leads is starting to bleed into your personal life…

Helping clients wake up from their SEO nightmares is what we do everyday for clients. Now, it’s your turn…

Constant Clicks…

The SEO Agency With $765.3 Million in client revenue

There are three certainties in life.
Death, taxes and dodgy marketing agencies.

Maybe you’ve paid for 6 or 12 months of SEO without seeing results. You might be getting low-quality Google Ads leads that eat up your time and drain your soul. Or, you might have been promised the world (and then some) by a fast-talking salesperson who becomes impossible to get in touch with once you’ve signed up for a lock-in contract.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or you’ve worked with an agency before (and ended up with nothing but a few fancy reports and an empty bank account), we can help.

At Constant Clicks, we target high-intent traffic, and commercial keywords that attract quality leads holding handfuls of cash.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time *Worth $500

How We Use SEO to Help Your Business Dominate on Google

As a leading Brisbane SEO agency, we do things a little differently. We don’t believe Search Engine Optimisation is about impressing Google, writing for algorithms or trying to “hack” search engines.

Successful SEO is about people and connection. That’s why our Brisbane SEO specialists get to know you, your business and your industry before applying the following custom strategies to connect your supply with your customer’s demand.

Full SEO Assessment

Before your campaign kicks off, we’ll conduct a full audit and thorough assessment of your site.

Through comprehensive website analysis, we’ll determine if your content, keywords and backlinks are properly set up to boost your rankings and deliver organic sales leads.

Our full SEO audit and assessment will find the errors holding you back from a stream of organic traffic desperate to do business with you.

Custom SEO Strategy

Your business is unique, so your SEO strategy should be too.

We’ll create and implement a custom-made SEO blueprint for your business. As a leading SEO company in Brisbane, we don’t offer cookie-cutter plans or stuff you into a strategy box just because it’s worked for someone else.

We take the time to get to know you and your business so we can deliver a personalised plan tailored to your industry and goals.

High-Intent Keyword Strategy

Before your campaign kicks off, we’ll conduct a full audit and thorough assessment of your site.

Through comprehensive website analysis, we’ll determine if your content, keywords and backlinks are properly set up to boost your rankings and deliver organic sales leads.

Our full SEO audit and assessment will find the errors holding you back from a stream of organic traffic desperate to do business with you.

Website Content Analysis

We conduct an extensive analysis of your website to figure out which pieces of content need to be revised, removed or rejuvenated.

Our content strategy approach ensures you’re using the right keywords to demonstrate your expertise, rank for relevant search terms, and deliver evergreen organic traffic for months and years to come.

Link Building Campaign

Links act as votes of confidence in the eyes of Google, and we show Google’s algorithm your website is trusted and credible with ethical link-building strategies that remove risk and maximise your results.

We earn backlinks from relevant and trusted sites to help improve your website’s authority and help your most important pages rank higher.

Technical SEO

Our team of SEO experts implement responsive design, robot directives, and other technical elements to show Google your website is fast, secure, and accessible on all devices.

By improving user experience on a technical level, we make it easy for people to browse your site, find what they need and get in touch.

Reviews & Social Proof

93% of customers read online reviews before a purchase. That’s why we run review generation campaigns to flood your online presence with 5-star feedback.

Since Google uses reviews to measure your credibility and reputation, our SEO experts help you rank higher in Brisbane SEO, land more customers, and boost your sales to help drive a return on investment.

SEO Consultancy

Our Brisbane SEO team is only one call away for consultations.

You’re not a number on a spreadsheet to us or a number of hours per week. As your partner in growing your business, we’re happy to answer any questions about your campaign anytime.

Phone. Email. Whatever works for you. When you need help, you’ll have someone in your corner.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Zero obligation. Serious money making potential
*Claim a FREE Free Strategy Call Worth $500

Check out Some of the Results We’ve Achieved for Our Clients

“We’ll rank you in the #1 spot in 90 days or less!”
Chances are you’ve heard a promise like this before. It’s common for SEO agencies in Brisbane and around Australia to promise page one rankings – then rank you for keywords NO ONE is searching for and sting you with a 12-month contract.

At Constant Clicks, we care about rankings AND revenue. If it’s not helping you generate more leads and make more money, it’s not worth your time (or ours). That’s why you can walk away with zero lock-in contracts if you’re not happy with your results.

But there’s a reason so many of our clients go from SEO sceptics to raving fans…

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Zero obligation. Serious money making potential
*Claim a FREE Free Strategy Call Worth $500 

Constant Clicks is your SEO Secret Weapon

As a leading Brisbane SEO agency, we do things a little differently. We don’t believe Search Engine Optimisation is about impressing Google, writing for algorithms or trying to “hack” search engines.

Successful SEO is about people and connection. That’s why our Brisbane SEO specialists get to know you, your business and your industry before applying the following custom strategies to connect your supply with your customer’s demand.

Constant Clicks DIY SEO
Dedicated SEO Experts
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Technical Audit
Content Audit
Backlink Audit
Content Optimisation
Revenue focussed Reporting
Monthly Reporting
Content Creation
Backlink Creation

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Zero obligation. Serious money making potential
*Claim a FREE Free Strategy Call Worth $500

Sick of Losing Leads and Customers to Your Competition?

Get a Full SEO Audit to Find and Plug the Holes in Your Marketing Strategy

You don’t know what you don’t know. Holes in your website’s SEO can leave you bleeding traffic, leads and sales without ever knowing why. Stop guessing and find out exactly what is and isn’t working with a comprehensive SEO audit.

Here’s what you get:

Keyword analysis to find current and new top performing search terms (valued at $448)

Domain-level competitor analysis so you can spy on your competition (valued at $448)

Technical SEO audit (how to make your site faster and more user-friendly) (valued at $448)

Powerful link building strategy to boost your rankings and reputation (valued at $497)

10x SEO content strategies you can start putting in place immediately (valued at $497)

BONUS: 1:1 coaching session with SEO expert, Brett Simpson (valued at $987)

Total Value: $3,717

You Pay: $1,997

(You save 46%)

Check out some of the industries we've help grow their organic traffic and leads:

Shine a spotlight on your electrical services and ensure your business is at the top of search engine results when potential customers need your expertise the most.

SEO for

Leaky faucets to burst pipes, we’ll help your plumbing business rise to the surface when clients are searching for plumbing solutions.

SEO for

Stand out in the legal arena with a well-crafted SEO strategy that positions your firm as the go-to source for legal counsel.

SEO for
Cash for Cars

Turn junkyard treasures into a goldmine by connecting with customers looking to sell their vehicles. Our SEO strategies ensure you’re their first choice.

SEO for

Keep the rain away from your competition by ranking at the top when homeowners are in search of roofing services.

SEO for
SaaS Companies

Transform your software as a service (SaaS) company into a digital powerhouse, driving sign-ups and boosting customer engagement.
Put a smile on your patients’ faces and ensure your dental practice stands out in a crowded marketplace with our expert dental SEO strategies.

SEO for

Whether you specialise in braces or aligners, we’ll help you straighten out the competition by making your orthodontic practice highly visible online.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Zero obligation. Serious money making potential
*Claim a FREE Free Strategy Call Worth $500

We’re the Real Deal (Ask Our Clients)

Here’s What Sets Us Apart in the SEO Industry

We Focus on Revenue Over Rankings

Successful SEO isn’t about putting you in the #1 spot - it’s about putting more leads in your inbox and more money in your pocket. We focus on growing revenue, not just rankings, so you’re seeing ROI on your marketing spend and can make decisions about your business with confidence.

We Track Every SEO Lead

SEO can take 6, 9 or even 12 months to show results. This makes it easy for agencies to hide behind the “SEO takes time” excuse without delivering on their promises. We track everything, whether it’s a website click, phone call or online enquiry, so you can see exactly where SEO leads are coming from and measure our success.

Agile, Selective and Focused On You

Unlike churn and burn marketing agencies who see every client as a dollar sign, we don’t work with everyone and take the time to get to know you, your business and the people behind the scenes. As an agile team, our account managers develop strong relationships with their capped number of clients so we can dedicate 100% of our focus to you.

Zero Lock-In Contracts

We don’t work with you unless we’re 100% confident of driving ROI. And when you’re ready to get started on an SEO campaign in Brisbane, we’ll never ask you to sign a lock-in contract. With a focus on revenue over rankings, we work hard as your partner, and our long-term clients stay with us because of the results we provide, not the fine print in our contracts.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time *Worth $500

SEO Proof of results….

We let our numbers do the talking.

1128% Organic Traffic Growth
For a Roofing Company

Monthly Traffic Increase
0 %
Ranked Keywords 1st Page
Months As A client

This client engaged us 3+ year ago. We’ve increased their organic traffic from 162 to 1,990 monthly visitors.

Keywords Ranked
1,500 from 93

Monthly Traffic
1,990 from 162

Achieved #1 ranking for high commercial intent keywords:

2392% Organic Traffic Growth
For a Gas Supplier

Monthly Traffic Increase
0 %
Ranked Keywords 1st Page
Months As A client

This client engaged us 2+ years ago. We’ve increased their organic traffic from 225 to 5607 monthly visitors. 

Keywords Ranked
2,100 from 112

Monthly Traffic
5,607 from 225

Achieved #1 ranking for high commercial intent keywords:

493% Organic Traffic Growth
For a Law Firm

Monthly Traffic Increase
0 %
Ranked Keywords 1st Page
Months As A client

This client engaged us 1.5+ years ago. We’ve increased their organic traffic from 136 to 807 monthly visitors. 

Keywords Ranked

Monthly Traffic
807 from 136

Achieved #1 ranking for high commercial intent keywords:

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time *Worth $500

7 Secrets to Choosing the Right SEO Company

WARNING: The Wrong SEO Company Can Destroy Your Rankings, Revenue & Reputation

With so many sharks in our industry, you’ve either been bitten
or know someone who has. Don’t risk investing 12 months of your hard-earned money (and your priceless time) in a marketing agency that treats your bank account like an ATM.

Download our FREE guide to find out what the SEO industry doesn’t want you to know.

Grab your FREE copy now!

*Warning: You’ll never see SEO agencies the same way
*Landing in your inbox in 30 seconds 

Your Customers and Competition Are on Google.

So Right Now, You Have TWO Options…

Keep on struggling to generate quality leads
(if you manage to generate leads at all).
Pour your time and money into Google Ads campaigns that don’t generate ROI. Spin your wheels while your competition takes the top spot on Google and enjoys the bump in traffic and customers you desperately want (it’s a nightmare scenario, but we’re not far off there, are we?). 

Book a free strategy session
with a Constant Clicks Google Ads specialist. Learn how to increase your ad rankings, discover how to target keywords that bring in ‘ready to buy or book’ customers, and make more money with Google Ads that demand to be clicked on. Finally feel confident that you’re using Google Ads the way they’re meant to be used without worrying about wasting your marketing dollars. 

The choice is yours…

Google Is the Most Popular Search Engine in the World. Are You Ready to Unlock Its Full Potential?

Enjoy more leads, sales, and revenue with custom SEO campaigns tailored to your business. If you’re frustrated with the performance of your current marketing strategies and looking to spike organic traffic, leads and customers, get in touch to find out how.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Zero obligation. Serious money-making potential 

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Australia’s SEO industry is crowded with companies that claim to put you on top of
Google’s search results page… and leave you without results, support or answers.

Here are 9 hard-hitting questions to ask every SEO firm in Brisbane, Queensland, to weed out those who just want to swipe your card from those who want to see you grow.

Google’s local map feature is a prime prize for businesses. This is because they show your location. It’s a feature perfect for raising brand awareness. A good SEO company will make use of this feature. They won’t just optimise your listing; they’ll teach you how to sky-rocket your Google reviews too.

A good Brisbane SEO agency won’t only track online traffic queries. They’ll also guarantee to have call tracking set up. Credible companies don’t like playing the guessing game. Call tracking lets you see how much leads are being generated from their SEO efforts. This data will keep them accountable. They know you’ll see if their strategies are effective or not.

Tracking conversions by top performing content is often overlooked by professionals in SEO. So if there aren’t lead capturing forms on your blogs, this is a red flag. As an entrepreneur, you’ve gathered data on what content brings you conversions. So it makes sense that you use what’s working instead of the posting and praying method. Your conversions shouldn’t rely on hope. You should have the data to back you up to measure your returns from your investments. 

Backlinks are tricky; you’ll have to play by Google’s rules to win. However, without it you won’t build authority over your market. Your well-written content will just be a waste of digital space unless it ranks. Reliable SEO companies will only work for backlinks from trusted and relevant websites that pass a strict quality check. Getting this wrong will lead to a Google penalty for building spammy backlinks. With backlinks, quality should always come before quantity. 

Any reliable SEO company won’t stick to a set number of keywords. Putting a limit on the number of keywords will only limit your traffic and growth. We usually see this in companies who are upselling higher packages with more keywords. It’s a great strategy for them to earn more. But it results in missed opportunities for you. Searchers use hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of keywords. Having unlimited access to these keywords can mean more for your business. More traffic. More leads. More conversions.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring new consumers to you. Think of SEO as getting yourself a date. You show up smelling like you haven’t showered in days and you have gunk on your teeth. Your date will probably run the first chance they get. A well-built and sharp looking website will build their consumers’ trust in seconds — because that’s all the time you have. In those seconds, you’re expected to leave your consumers a good lasting impression.

If your website isn’t going to make the cut, it can turn prospects away. Then, your SEO campaigns will be pushed back. Less customers, less conversions, and a lower return of your investment.

SEO agencies that are worth your buck are transparent. They’ll give you honest recommendations as to whether or not your website needs a makeover. To better determine your needs, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Do a quick Google search of your keywords and see what you’re up against. Then compare your website to the top 10 competitors. With all ego aside, is your website up to their standards? After this, you’ll know if you’ll need a makeover and why you need it. 

Keyword research is a crucial step for every SEO campaign. It defines your website’s structure, how your URL will be positioned, and your entire content strategy. So it’s important to work with SEO specialists who go deep in research — something that most companies fail to do.

You shouldn’t partner with a company that just sources the high ranking keywords your competitors use. The best SEO companies in Brisbane know that the trail doesn’t end there. Partner with experts who’ll source out hidden keyword opportunities. Like forums, Reddit, Quora, social media networks, and more. These are untapped opportunities that you can use to dominate the competition.

Blogs are one of the most essential factors of SEO. Think of blogs as fishing rods in the water. The more rods you have out, the more fish you’ll get. Blogging lets you use low-competitive and long tail-keywords. These keywords produce more traffic and an increase in revenue. All the while, your competitive keywords are pushing you to Google’s first page. 

A good SEO agency knows that great content comes from knowing your ideal market. Understanding what makes your readers tick will let a good content writer to really connect with your potential customers. We like people who think like us. When your readers feel that you get them, you’ll win them over. 

SEO experts know that the secret to CRO is maximising your traffic value. Getting new traffic comes in second. A leaky hose can still fill a bucket. But fixing the leak saves you more time and money. The same goes for maximising your conversion rate. A good SEO firm should focus on understanding where you’re leaking now; instead of forcing new traffic to your website. 

SEO is one of the best things ever created for digital marketing and one of its fastest-growing channels. It proves to help you achieve your business goals in the long term. The fantastic thing about SEO is that it will continue to generate results and drive profits long after the work is done. This happens because it targets quality traffic without being at the mercy of Google Ads that have historically doubled its price every two years.

If your solid knowledge in search engine optimisation and its strategies still come with questions, then there must be something you do not know yet. SEO agencies offer better expertise with pro strategies. In addition, they can monitor and expertly optimise on-page elements that are proven to work over time.

Google makes 500-600 algorithms each year. Once you have a team of SEO experts, keeping fingers on the pulse will make it easier to ensure that the websites adapt appropriately for consistent rankings. Constant Clicks has the systems in place to make all these things possible.

Our well-rounded marketing teams have dedicated professionals for every aspect of digital marketing. These professionals will work in conjunction to form a solid foundation for your brand’s growth.

They will dive deeper into your website and develop custom strategies that work best with it. These strategies will help you save time, energy, keep you goal-oriented, and help you get more traffic together with building credibility.

Ultimately, SEO agencies can craft innovative strategies to ensure a profitable investment return regardless of your business size and capital. 

Constant Clicks is at the forefront of SEO companies in Brisbane because of our value for people and connection. Not everything revolves around search engines. We also value evidenced-based strategies through real people and real results.

Our Brisbane SEO team consists of professionals from different fields who are also masters in search engine optimisation. The collaboration and teamwork developed an attitude that is goal-driven and full of passion. The team shares interests in SEO, content creation, and web development. As we work together, we continue to give our clients top-notch SEO services, convert their leads into loyal customers, and build credibility that attracts more leads.

Constant Clicks sets the bar high for SEO companies in Brisbane and has helped businesses over the past 10 years. We aim to provide our clients with the value of their money and transparency and no hidden charges. 

A conversion funnel serves as a visual representation to help SEO marketers plan for the phases of digital marketing. When utilising a conversion funnel, you will know what to say, when to say it, where to say it, and how. An SEO conversion funnel is a sudden change in how potential customers purchase a product or service.

Digital marketing has changed the traditional preference of customers. As a result, the marketing journey is no longer too focused on the price. Instead, the SEO conversion funnel proves that digital marketing is more than offering the best prices to get ahead of the competition.

Top of the Funnel (TOFU)
The top of the funnel is where awareness happens. It is the first stage where potential customers are still unaware of their need to purchase your products. At this time, they are just browsing through the internet, and then something rings the bell and reminds them of their needs.

Here at Constant Clicks, our Brisbane SEO experts know how to attract leads by using keyword-driven pieces of content. No paid advertisement is required to engage with their leads.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)
At this time, the leads have already acknowledged their needs. They just knew that they had problems and felt the need to find ways to remedy them. However, there is still no urgency to fix the problem. It is the part where our Brisbane SEO experts enter the picture. By using engaging and compelling content, our persuasive strategies will soon convert these leads into customers.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)
The bottom of the funnel is where decisions are made. The leads are now putting action into their purchase intention. They will stumble upon hundreds of ads on the internet. Still, our Constant Clicks SEO experts will lead them to your products and use customised marketing strategies that set your business apart from the competition. 

Constant Clicks is also an expert in encouraging other site owners, journalists and content writers to link their websites creatively.

Guest posting: Our SEO experts hunt down opportunities to build more connections in other websites for broader exposure in your industry. Our content analysts will formulate high-quality templates for outreach emails and our writers will create a keyword-driven article to be published.

Mentions: When choosing Constant Clicks, our team of SEO experts uses evidence-based strategies to increase your brand’s mentions in the internet world. We have specific tools that pick up real-time mentions. In addition, constant Clicks utilises a tool that immediately picks up and responds to positive mentions while addressing negative mentions before they grow into an uncontrollable issue.

SEO and paid advertising are two different things. Each one is not better than the other.

However, for the most successful results, businesses should leverage these two digital marketing channels. SEO is more practical to use. Given the limited budget, it is more beneficial to leverage organic traffic for start-up businesses or smaller enterprises.

Constant Clicks believes that using SEO correctly can help small enterprises develop a solid foundation as they go through their journey. In addition, SEO can utilise targeted advertising in selective launches and special promotions. 

Constant Clicks has no definite answer to when you should expect results. Also, SEO’s dynamic nature encourages our agency not to make sugar-coated promises because our results are based on real people and accurate feedback.

Most agencies claim to see results after three months. However, SEO is a digital marketing strategy that changes with time. The algorithms are always moving. Just because you have already ranked number one on this topic does not mean you will stop optimising your website. Results will continuously reveal themselves in no specific order.

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