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Spy on Your Competition, Discover the Keywords You Should be Targeting &

10x Your Results With a Comprehensive SEO Audit

Get a custom SEO roadmap without having to sign up to a restrictive lock-in contract, relying on the opinion of freelancers and offshore marketers or guessing whether your current SEO is delivering results.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Warning: Highly effective

WARNING: If you’re looking for a free 5-minute overview of your traffic or your top ranking keywords, you’re in the WRONG spot. This paid SEO audit is for serious business owners who want an in-depth analysis of their current website and practical strategies that can start being implemented within seconds of this call to improve rankings and drive more revenue.

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Unsure Whether Your Website Is Set up for SEO Success or Not?

You know you need to increase website traffic, generate more leads and land more sales.
But odds are you’re struggling to get the results you’re after.

Do any of the following describe your frustrations?

You want to attract more leads that turn into high-paying customers? And you find yourself hoping for results because you don’t have a clear strategy…

You want a website that converts leads into sales around the clock? And your current site isn’t set up to attract and convert organic traffic…

You want to know why your competition always outrank you on Google? And it’s frustrating not knowing what their “secret” strategies are…

You want a steady flow of work to keep your business healthy? And the thought of laying off staff or closing up shop is too painful to consider…

You want proven and repeatable return on investment on your marketing spend? And investing in marketing right now feels like you’re gambling at the casino…

You want to leverage Google’s potential for growing your business? And you need a clear, step-by-step roadmap to follow…

Does any of that sound familiar?

If so, it’s time you understood where your website’s SEO weaknesses are and how to start using
Google the way it’s meant to be used.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Warning: Highly effective

Find out Exactly What’s Holding Your Website Back From Ranking

Any business owner can read up on SEO in their spare time, but there’s a difference between theory and practical strategies tailored to your online presence.

At Constant Clicks, we help Australian businesses find and resolve their SEO issues, reverse engineer their competition, and enjoy stronger rankings and revenue through Google.

Here’s what you can expect from your SEO audit:

Keyword Analysis (valued at $448)

The keywords you target directly affect your rankings and traffic potential. We’ll create a comprehensive keyword database and recommend quick improvements to generate traffic (the low hanging fruit) and show you which keywords to prioritise whether you work with us or not.

Competitor Analysis (valued at $448)

Discover how your website stacks up against the competition, in your local area and in your niche. We’ll show you what they’re doing well and how you can improve on it, plus where they’ve left gaps in their SEO strategy - and how you can fill them.

Technical SEO Analysis (valued at $448)

The speed and responsiveness of your website on desktop and mobile devices can make or break your SEO results. We’ll assess your website and provide actionable steps to improve load speed, promote user experience, and enjoy a site that customers and Google both love.

Link Building Strategy (valued at $497)

Find out how to protect your rankings with quality backlinks that cement your spot on Google. Cut through the noise of bad advice and conflicting suggestions to find out where the best link opportunities are to sky rocket your rankings.

10x SEO Content Strategies (valued at $889)

Walk away with 10 SEO content strategies to generate meaningful, quality and profitable traffic to your website and high-quality inbound leads. Stop creating content without a clear plan of attack and start creating content with a clear, results-focused purpose.

BONUS: 1:1 Coaching Session with an SEO Expert (valued at $987)

Take advantage of our decades of SEO experience with a one-on-one coaching session. We’ll listen to your unique challenges and provide a customised solution that goes beyond reports, spreadsheets and numbers on a page.

Total Value: $3,717

You Pay: $1,997

(You save 46%)

“There are so many free SEO audits online, why should I pay for one?”

We hear this question a lot from business owners who have been burnt by a marketing agency before (or know someone who has).

The truth is, most “free”often automated SEO audits are obstacles disguised as opportunities. Whether you need to spend more to unlock in-depth data (the type that *actually* helps your business) or the suggestions are surface level and won’t move the needle on your rankings, you get what you pay for.

If you’re serious about getting more site traffic, turning that traffic into leads, and using those leads to boost your bottom line, the real question is…

“How much will it cost you to do nothing?”

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Warning: Highly effective

Before and
After Your SEO Audit…

What it’s like managing your business right now…

You’re not sure what keywords are driving traffic - or if any of your content is attracting people to your site at all.

You don’t have time to read through endless SEO guides and articles trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

You’re struggling to generate leads through Google which causes serious stress in your professional and personal life.

Your competition is constantly ranking above you no matter what you try.

Your revenue has stalled and you don’t know what the future holds if you can’t figure out how to increase traffic, leads and sales.

What it’s like managing your business after this audit…

You’re not sure what keywords are driving traffic - or if any of your content is attracting people to your site at all.

You’ve got more free time because you know what a successful SEO strategy looks like - and how to go about implementing one.

You have 10x SEO content briefs ready to action and start generating quality organic traffic.

You have a plan to put bookings in the calendar, increase your income and grow your business.

You have the confidence that comes from finally understanding SEO in simple, no-nonsense terms.

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Warning: Highly effective

Keywords, Backlinks, Competitor Analysis, Content Strategy & SEO Coaching -

All in One Business-Changing Call

This SEO audit is for you if:

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Warning: Highly effective

Who is this
SEO Audit NOT For?

We’re selective about who we work with so we can deliver the highest return on investment possible.

You’re not a good fit for this SEO audit if:

You expect overnight results or a “get rich quick” marketing strategy

You don’t see the value of a small investment to 10x your SEO results

You’re unfocussed and constantly looking for the “next big thing” in marketing

You care about vanity metrics (like irrelevant keywords ranking in the #1 spot) more than revenue

You want a shallow, automated audit to tell you what you already know (that your SEO isn’t working)

Find Opportunities to Become Unmissable on Google and Get Actionable Audit Results Now…

.… So you can boost your rankings, squeeze the most value possible from your organic traffic, and start attracting red-hot leads. You’re ONE click away from spotting the holes in your SEO strategy and getting the support you need to plug them. 

*Only takes 30 minutes of your time
*Warning: Highly effective 

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