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Looks Aren’t Everything When It Comes to Conversions

Why should you upgrade your website when you already have a slice of digital property to call your own? You like it. You’ve spent thousands on making it happen and it (finally) looks nice, signifying how far you’ve come as a business.

We understand. Unfortunately, designers and developers rarely incorporate conversion optimisation principles into their final executions, focusing on the aesthetic elements of UX without considering if Person A can convert quickly, easily and with all the right information. It sounds simple when you read it back, like it should be the bedrock of any website project – we agree, it should be, but not every agency designer has the experience required to funnel customers effectively while wrapping it all up in an elegant bow.

Invest in Your Website Now to Save Budget Later

You’re intrigued, but how does conversion rate optimisation translate into a direct benefit for business owners and decision makers like you? Why should you invest in a website reboot when you’re happy with what you have?

You shouldn’t need off-site landing pages with every new campaign or Google Ads setup. An effective website does the heavy-lifting, communicating value, imparting the right information at the right time and guiding fickle eyes through the conversion process. Spend a bit more now to save serious marketing money later.

How We Approach Conversion Rate Optimisation

Constant Clicks leverages the layout of your website to make calls, form enquires or purchases easier for potential customers.

Conversation and Analysis

We start every project with a series of conversations. Our team strives to understand your business, the motivations of your audience and what’s not working for you, versus what you want.

Website audit

With these initial exchanges in mind, we’ll perform a deep-dive of your analytics, tracking the paths visitors take onsite, where they click away, how long the spend on a page before exiting and which products or services really capture their attention. By the end of our audit, we’ll understand why and where your website haemorrhages conversions, making planned improvements simple to communicate.


We don’t expect you to start slashing your site back without concrete evidence. Instead, you’ll receive a comprehensive recommendations report, coupled with a one-on-one call to go through the why, what, how, when and how much of what we’ve a) discovered and b) strategised to replace your less-than-the-best infrastructure.

What Are Your Choices Post-Recommendations Report?

Do Nothing

You may decide you’re okay with what you have. That’s okay, we’ll thank you for your time and keep in touch now and then to ensure you’re happy with your results.

CRO Makeover

It can be difficult to part with a current iteration of any website, particularly if you love the visual design. Our recommendations will include a top-level plan and price for a CRO makeover, retaining the original visual elements while re-working the pages to be conversion centric.

Website Rebuild

Constant Clicks will deliver a fresh, conversion-orientated, and strategically focused website according to a discussed timeline. We recommend this option to most of our clients – we want to deliver something that works today, a year from now and five years from now.
Transform traffic into meaningful metrics with Brisbane’s most trusted conversion rate optimisation agency. Our experience, dedication and commitment to no BS results ensures you’ll receive the service you deserve without the run-around.

Case Studies and Results

How Mobile Truck Rental had explosive growth and now dominate the entire East Coast of Australia
Increased trucks from 10 to 96
Expanded from a local area to the entire East Coast

322%+ Google Ads Conversion Rate

1,225% Increase in Leads Generated

A happy client since January 2015

The team at Constant Clicks have taken us from a small business just servicing Brisbane and Gold Coast to a dominant force in our industry expanding from Melbourne to Cairns. We’ve grown from 10 trucks to a massive fleet of 96! In the past we tried other companies. They talked a big talk but Constant Clicks got the job done. None of this GROWTH would have been possible without the continued support and efforts of the team at Constant Clicks. The team is super smart and they're always there for you.

Travis Werry,
Mobile Truck Rental

How Aqua painting grew to over 2.1 million in revenue
Revenue from $529,000 to 2.1 million
222%+ Google Ads Conversion Rate
72% decrease in Cost Per Lead
627% Increase in Leads Generated
A happy client since January 2014
Grown from a crew of only 5 to 25 strong!

Constant Clicks have grown our business beyond what we had ever imagined. We started with a crew of 5 painters with 2 work vans and fast forward to 2020 we now have 25 painters and 7 work fans. They increased our turnover from $529,000 to over $2 million. We couldn’t be happier.

Romana Popovic,
Aqua Painting Sydney

How Treeman Melbourne grew by an extra $800,000 in just 12 months
Grew revenue from $1.2 million to $2 million
In 6 months added a second crew

66% increase in sales revenue with Google Ads

1500% ROI on Google Ads

Treeman Melbourne had tried two other agencies and the results were very average. The leads were steady but often we didn't have enough work which meant we lost some of our best guys. After hiring Constant Clicks that all changed. We experienced a greater number of leads for the same ad spend as the two previous companies. They brought us so many leads that we couldn’t keep up and often we had to halve our ad spend until we got through the backlog of work. We decided at the 6 months due to the massive increase in leads to invest in another truck and chipper and put on a second crew.

Treeman Melbourne



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