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Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Technical SEO Ranking Factors [2019]

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Technical SEO refers to optimising your website’s server and helping search engines crawl your site.

This boils down into a few main components, but the optimisations can sometimes appear to be endless.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), will require a developer with knowledge and skillset based around the website platform you utilise.

We have expertise in all areas of on-page, off-page, local SEO, including technical, for all major website platforms.


We’ll explode your SEO performance while keeping Google happy

There’s many things you can try to grow your organic traffic, but if you’re not careful, you could be penalised by Google.

They’re #1 in search, so if you follow their algorithm rules, your business will do better than ever before. Break them and your competitors will quickly take your place (and your new customers).

If you want a flood of new traffic to your website while improving your site’s search engine rankings, then talk to the SEO Brisbane agency that gets results. We offer SEO services to client’s across Australia.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

Great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results come from optimising your entire online presence. To get more quality traffic flowing towards your website, we’ll:

Review your website keywords, meta tags and structure to ensure it’s fully optimised for lots of traffic

Check and report on the number and quality of backlinks that currently go to your site (and how they can be improved)

Check that all of your content is Google friendly so that it ranks well in every area you want to target

Improve your content strategy to naturally grow your traffic for free

Plus we’ll ensure you’re fully optimised for Yahoo and Bing too (they can still bring in tons of traffic)

Here’s what our customers say about us:


Brett and the team very easy to work with, very reasonably priced and have increased my online presence by 80% in two year. Highly recommend!

David Bailey


Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

A mobile responsive website is one of the first steps to ensuring your technical SEO is up to scratch.

This is super easy to check, just head to Google’s mobile friendly test and enter your website.

Mobile phone user penetration worldwide is expected to reach 63,4% in 2019.

This means Google will be keeping a keen eye on those site’s that don’t follow best practices.


Check Website Load Time

A major key player in your technical SEO optimisation is your website’s load time, commonly referred to as page speed.

Similar to the mobile responsive test, this is also relatively easy to check and improve. Refer to our blog post on website speed to get some simple tips on improving your loading times.

Google suggests your website to load in less than 3 seconds. Further to this point, any extra second past 3, expect a 20% dip in conversions.

This proves the importance of boosting your page speed to not only appear user-friendly in Google’s eyes, but also to directly increase conversions.

Check how your website compares.



Check Website Indexing Issues

If you’ve been involved directly with your website build and development, you may have heard of the robots.txt file and how it allows Google to index your website. 

Google’s spiders read the robots.txt file and will determine if they are allowed to index each URL on your website. 

Without the technical spiel, Google will tell you if there are any issues indexing your website within your Search Console. 

Why is Technical SEO so important?

 Within any SEO campaign, you have 3 main components. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO & Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is important because it is related to your website’s code and how search engines are able to access and view your website. 

The truth is, your technical factors for your Search Engine Optimisation campaign aren’t the be all and end all. But they do help in allowing Google to crawl your website effectively, and relate heavily to your hard efforts with on-page and off-page SEO.

Many major search engines are also taking a heavy stance on user experience, so developing a website and showing these search engines what you’re doing right, will always put you a step ahead of your competition.

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