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So… What is an SEO website audit & How Does it Work?

An SEO website audit is an analysis of your website’s on-page, off-page, local SEO and technical SEO errors. This will be used as a road-map to guide us through a long-term SEO strategy to rank your business on Google.

“You want to make sure you have a clean house before you invite in guests”

In other words, you want to make sure your website is on a clean slate with Google. This all begins with a website health check.

Constant Clicks uses propriety auditing software combined with custom auditing to identify the best possible improvements.

The 3 Components of an SEO Website Audit:

Off-Page SEO Audit

SEO Website Audit - on page seo image - SEO Website Audit

On-Page SEO Audit

SEO Website Audit - technical0seo - SEO Website Audit

Technical SEO Audit

SEO Website Audit - offpage seo hero - SEO Website Audit

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What’s Involved In our SEO Audit?

Our 15-Point Checklist to a Successful Custom SEO Website Audit:

Page Speed

Website Page Speed SEO Website Audit - performance - SEO Website Audit

Google suggests your website load in under 3 seconds.

We will run speed tests on your website to see what needs improving.

This will also help boost your conversion rate. 



Sitemap.xml SEO Website Audit - sitemap - SEO Website Audit

Having a Sitemap.XML on your website is crucial for Google to understand the pages within your site.

We will set up Google Search Console, along with your Sitemap so Google has no issue finding you!

Broken Links

Broken Links SEO Website Audit - broken link - SEO Website Audit

Broken backlinks on your website lead to negative user experience.

This means Google will also penalise you.

We will identify and fix any broken backlinks on your website.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile Friendliness SEO Website Audit - responsive - SEO Website Audit

Similarly, with your loading time, Google has expectations with the responsiveness of your website. 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, not only will you burn a lot of potential customers, Google will also heavily penalise you.

Site Navigation

Site Navigation SEO Website Audit - compass - SEO Website Audit

Site navigation is crucial when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

If customers cannot smoothly navigate throughout your site, you will not be favoured in the SERP’s.

URL Structure

URL Structure SEO Website Audit - www - SEO Website Audit

URL Structure cannot be forgotten.

Google favours URL’s that are short, and relevant the page’s content.

For example:

Content Depth & Gaps

Content Depth & Gaps SEO Website Audit - article - SEO Website Audit

Utilising leading-edge SEO tools, we can identify the TF-IDF gaps in your content.

This shows us what keywords your page’s are missing, and what they require to rank. 


Indexibility SEO Website Audit - search - SEO Website Audit

After setting up Google Search Console and submitting your sitemap, you may find Google has issues crawling your site.

This will be identified within your Index Tool on GSC.  


HTML Tags SEO Website Audit - html - SEO Website Audit

HTML tags are a major On-Page SEO factor, that allows Google to understand what your page is about.

This includes Title tags, <H1-H6> Tags, Image Alt Tags etc.

Incoming Links

Incoming Links SEO Website Audit - backlink - SEO Website Audit

Incoming links can negatively impact your website due to the toxicity score of the outgoing website. 

We will audit your incoming links to identify toxic backlinks and disavow them to improve rankings and avoid penalties from Google. 

Outgoing Links

Outgoing Links SEO Website Audit - link - SEO Website Audit

Outgoing links on your website leading to 404 Page’s or spammy websites is bad SEO practice.

Auditing these links and fixing any errors helps ensure your future ranking ability. 

Javascript Issues

Javascript Issues SEO Website Audit - javascript - SEO Website Audit

Historically, Javascript has been unfavoured by Google.

Not only will this slow your website down, but it will also impact your rankings.

Social Tags

Social Tags SEO Website Audit - digital campaign - SEO Website Audit

Having your website connected to Social Media site’s is important.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram helps Google measure legitimacy and popularity.

Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags SEO Website Audit - placeholder - SEO Website Audit

Labelling your images by utilising Image Alt tags helps Google understand what that content is about. 

Image Alt Tags will also help you rank on Google Images for extra website traffic. 

Internal Page Issues

Internal Page Issues SEO Website Audit - on page seo image - SEO Website Audit

Internal page issues such as incorrect redirects and not setting canonical tags will let you down.

These are simple changes that make the world of SEO difference. 

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