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content creation for search engine optimisation results

Content Development for Search Engine Optimisation

Content is King

When it comes to Google, content is King. 

Without out, the world wide web would cease to exist. 

It’s what drives every website, and every search engine. 

So when it comes to ranking your website on the first page of Google, content is the #1 ranking factor Google looks at. 

Over time, Google’s idea on what good content is versus bad content has changed a lot. 

Not only does Google look at the content itself that’s being put on, and off, your website. They also look at a large portion of data that determine the quality of that content. 

In a nutshell, Google wants their search engine to be the best to make more ad revenue. This means they need users to continue to use their platform. 

In other words, if your content solves the users search query, you’re improving their search engine. 

If a user types in “SEO Brisbane”, lands on your website, then bounces straight away. This sends a strong signal to Google that your website didn’t solve the search query. 


Why Do You Need Content for SEO Brisbane?

3 Types of Content Required to Rank on Google

1. Service or Product Pages

Whether you’re selling a shoe, or a roof installation, your website will require a specific page to match the specific search query. 

If your customer is looking for a “Roof Repairer Brisbane”, ideally you want to have a page with minimum 500 words about repairing roofs in Brisbane to solve the customers query. 

more leads & sales
increased online visibility

2. Blog Content

Not only having a blog, but regularly posting on your blog, allows you to increase your website traffic through multiple methods. 

You can utilise content pieces to attract customers through content marketing. Ie; The 9 Best SEO Tools Right Now.

This will also help you build a strong and legitimate backlink profile as other website’s will begin linking to your page.

You can also use your blog to write about your industry and interlink your pages creating a content silo on-page SEO strategy.  

A blog is a great way to share news and updates with your clients and followers too. 


3. Off-Page Content

Off-Page Content refers to different types of content that links to your website.

This could range from guest posts to Youtube videos, all showing Google your popularity. 

If you have a link from a highly trusted news source website, or a video uplodaed from a highly followed Youtube channel, this is a sign that Google will also being trusting your site. 

more revenue

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