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Ever wonder what happens to all those clicks to your site that never turn into a lead or sale?

On average a staggering 90% Of traffic to your website will not convert on the very first visit!

Attracting your target market to your website through AdWords is the easy part. No, that’s not a mistake. The hard part is converting your traffic into leads and sales. Sure getting the right traffic to your website is a big part of that but did you know on average 9 out of 10 people won’t convert on the initial visit? That’s a huge number of wasted clicks, so we can’t let them get away that easily.

Rather than let them escape (or you know, just leave) we can tactically remind them to come back to your website and turn them into customers.

The way this is done is by using targeted banner ads through Remarketing. Remarketing has proven a highly successful strategy into re-engaging with visitors and converting them long after they’ve left.

But again is far too underutilized in campaigns. The majority of people we speak to have no idea what Remarketing is but once we explain it, they instantly realise they’ve been seeing it for years. And if you have been using the internet in the past few years, (which I assume you have) you too will have been subject to Remarketing.

The way it works is every time somebody comes to your website with Remarketing, a cookie will be installed into their browser which will then follow them around Google’s Display Network in the use of banner ads.

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