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Google Shopping Agency Setup & Optimisation

Get Profitable eCommerce Paid Search Results with Google Shopping Ads

 If you have an ecommerce business and want to ramp up sales then a Google Shopping campaign is a must-have.

Shopping ads allows your products to be placed on Google so potential customers can see the image of your product and pricing even before they click. Qualified traffic drives sales, and Google Shopping provides the highest quality traffic.

A huge advantage of Google Shopping is the cost of clicks compared to a Google Search ad (text ads). This means you’ll be able drive substantially more traffic to your site and won’t need to allocate as much marketing budget. So want more bang for your buck? then shopping is the way to go.

If you want to be super aggressive then ideally you want a combination of Google Shopping and a Search Campaign

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What is Google Shopping?

And Why Is It Important?


Previously known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping is a paid search space on Google’s SERPs.  

It works by listing your product feed for search terms relevant to the category. This enables users to easily compare different priced products without clicking on a listing. 

Google Shoppings importance lies within their conversion rates and costs. Customers will see an image, a price, a short description and shipping costs before clicking on your ad.

This means that google shopping conversion rates are generally higher than traditional paid search advertising. 

Combine this with Dynamic Retargeting and your ecommerce business is a force to be reckoned with. 


Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

Why Partner With Constant Clicks?

Google Shopping Partnership Benefits 

Constant Clicks is a Premier Google Partner. We have an elite team of Google Adwords experts ready to arm your business with Google Shopping strategies that make you win more sales and dominate Google. 


Our Google Shopping Strategy


Our Google Shopping Strategy is simple.

Setup, Optimise, Report & Scale. Before we go live, we ensure Google Conversion Codes are set up. This shows us what products are disgustingly profitable. 

With this data, we will report on the performance of your Google Ads Campaign on a monthly basis. 

Next, provided you can handle the extra sales growth, we will scale your Google Ad Spend.


Google Shopping Strategy
Google Shopping & PLA

PLA = Disgustingly Profitable


PLA, or Google Shopping Ads, are generally the most cost-effect Google product for eCommerce businesses.

IF you’re NOT running Google Shopping for your business yet, sign up.

Obviously it’s not for everyone and different marketing mediums fit different audiences and products. 

eCommerce tracking will tell us exact ROAS so scaling your budget to grow is simple.

Google Shopping Feed 

Unlike some other marketing mediums, Google Shopping isn’t a plug and play scenario.

As your digital marketing agency, we will be consistently fine-tuning and optimising the campaign.

This improves the performance of the account by learning who buys your products and only focusing on those.

Not only can we have your Shopping Feed setup, but we will also manage it long-term to generate a higher ROI for your business.


Google Shopping Feed Setup
Google Shopping Feed Setup

Reporting & Analytics


Google Shopping Reporting and Analytics is extremely important to recognise monthly wins.

We send out reports detailing how you’ve progressed month in month out.

Google Shopping is marketing that improves substantially as it’s optimised over time.

Monthly reports will guide you as your online sales explode.


Get Listed on Google Shopping Today

Get listed on Google Shopping today by enlisting the assistance of Constant Clicks. 

We will set up your Google Shopping feed so you will never have to worry about how to set up your Google Shopping. 

Book in a strategy call with us today to get your eCommerce products listed on Google Shopping below by your PLA experts.



Google Shopping Feed Setup

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