Get fast results with Google AdWords Advertising

As Google Premier Partners, we know how to drive a flood of new leads to your business (while reducing your current ad budget)

Turn your website into a 24x7 money making machine

With a carefully implemented Google AdWords campaign, you’ll be surprised at how much money you could make from your website.

The real question we’ll need to ask you is:
“how many new leads can your business handle?”

Whatever that number is, we’ll achieve it for you.

Highly targeted campaigns that increase leads

while decreasing spend

A key part of our AdWords service is doing expert research to target the right combinations of keywords. This saves you a huge amount of money, time and frustration in doing it yourself, while greatly improving your overall campaign results.

Our overall aim is to always increase your click-throughs, while reducing your Cost-Per-Click (CPC). So you can make more profit, from far less money.

Analyse your existing market
Research the market you’d like to win
Test small campaigns and fine tune results
Go-To-Market with your full campaign
Get more customers

Our cost per lead fell by 50% in just 5 weeks. Same cost, but
double the LEADS.

Todd Maunder

Anttel Communications, Brisbane

Understand your target market better than ever before

AdWords campaigns are like testing million dollar ideas with $0.05c at a time. But without expert analysis, you could still be wasting money and not uncovering where your real profits could be hiding.

At Constant Clicks, our AdWords research will give you insights into your market that could completely transform how you run your business:

Discover your most profitable targets
Find the cheapest, most effective keywords
Understand what your market desires most (and how much they want to pay)
Test new marketing ideas quickly and cheaply
Save thousands of dollars and many hours of frustration

Best of all, there’s no lock-in contracts

Wow, really? Yes.

We don’t have lock-in contracts on AdWords because our clients absolutely love the work we do (and don’t ever want us to stop).

But the great thing about this is that in times when you’re over-run with new leads, you can just put your campaigns on hold. And we’ll turn them ‘back on’ when you’re ready again. All at no cost penalty.

Try getting that from another digital marketing agency.


The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, we even had to drop our Google spend.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Phillip Booker, Brisbane/Gold Coast

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