AdWords Specialists from all around the globe have been long waiting for the ability to control bids on tablet devices and now it’s finally arrived! When Google first introduced enhanced campaigns back in 2013 they allowed us to control your mobile bids with a mobile bid adjustment but sadly tablets missed out.

Now not all devices are made equal so it makes sense that we set different bid adjustments on each device based on it’s performance and now we finally can!

Let’s say you run a printer repair business and your goal is to drive as many leads as possible to your business with a target conversion cost of $25. That means you’re willing to pay up to $25 for a lead.

Conversion cost per device

Desktop – $20
Tablet  – $75
Mobile – $30

Average conversion across all 3 device = $30

Now which device is performing best? Desktop right, at only a $20 cost per lead. Check out tablet, it cost 3 times more for a lead when compared to Desktop. Mobile is doing a lot better than tablet however, there is still room for improvement. Can you see that tablets do not deserve the bid price as desktop nor does mobile?

An experienced AdWords Specialist will take this segment by device conversion data and set NEW bid adjustments and closely monitor the campaign to assess how the new changes impact the campaign results.

Here at Constant Clicks our AdWords Specialist love data! It takes out all the guess work and allows us to accelerate our clients’ campaign results. And when we see that tablets are NOT pulling their weight or are actually outperforming all other devices we now have the CONTROL to set bid adjustments on tablets.

It’s all about maximising the return on investments for all of our clients so when this feature when released we were smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Talk to us today to make sure you’re taking full advantage of tablet bid adjustments within your AdWords campaign to ensure you’re maximising the performance of your campaign.