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Proven lead generation to DOMINATE your market on Google.

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Trusted by:

Do you struggle to get a consistent flood of leads coming into your business?

One month it’s hot. Everything is going great.

Then the next month…

It’s slim pickings.

You can’t rely on referrals forever, and you know that online is where it’s at.

But what should you do online?

SEO? Facebook? Instagram? Blog? Paid Traffic?

With so many choices, where do you start?

The competition online is fierce, and you know if you don’t do something soon…

Your competitors will kick you to the curb, take all the best customers and leave you in the dust to pick through what is left.

We understand you are great at helping deliver a great product or service, but lets face it marketing isn’t your forte.


What if you could solve all your lead generation problems forever, with a click of a mouse?

What if you could put your business front and centre every time someone searches for your product or service?

What if you could partner with Australia’s #1 Digital Marketing Experts for and have access to their proven lead generation explosion machine?

And better yet,
What if they guaranteed they will,

Generate More Leads Than Your Current Marketing…

Or They Refund you 100% of their fees!

Would you be interested in having a chat to find out more?

Constant Clicks are the #1 Digital Marketing Experts for businesses in Australia and we have the results to back it up!

But hey.

We know everyone promises you the earth, yet few can back it up.

Words are cheap, so we prefer to prove ourselves through results.

I guess that is what makes us different from our competitors.

If your business struggles to attract qualified leads week after week, and you are sick and tired of paying a marketing company that doesn’t deliver on their promises, we want to introduce you to the Constant Clicks…

Ultimate Lead Generation System

Here’s the deal.

If you qualify, yes, you must meet our criteria for us to work with you, and we both agree to move forward.

We will build you the Most Advanced, Proven Digital Marketing Lead Generation System to flood your business with new leads and explode your revenue.

This will put your business at the forefront of this highly competitive, multibillion-dollar industry resulting in,


Ultimate exposure to quality leads


Optimised conversion rate to grow your client base


Increased revenue to expand your bank account


A positive R.O.I. for every dollar you spend on marketing

Plus, you are protected by our,

“Give us 60 days To Beat Your Results or Don’t Pay Us” Guarantee

If we fail to deliver results, more leads than your current marketing then we will refund every cent of our fees.

You either receive more leads of better quality than you currently do, or we will refund your investment, and you keep whatever leads we generate.

It’s a win-win for you!

Included in the Program


30 Minute Strategy Call


Dedicated Google Ads Specialist


High-level Google Ad Campaign Build


Unlimited Keywords


Compelling Ad Creation to Make Your Business Stand Out


Ad for Split Testing - constant and never-ending improvement


Powerful Remarketing campaign


Click Fraud Protection - stops competitors from clicking on your ads


Unlimited Changes and Support


Implementation of all Tracking – web forms, orders, phone tracking


Monthly Report


Monthly Strategy Call with Your Dedicated Account Manager

Only 10 spots available

We only have the resources to accept 10 new clients per month, so act now so you don’t miss out.

Apply now to see if you qualify for this special offer. Just a heads up, we only take on clients who we believe we can help and will be only getting back to those businesses that qualify.

Case Studies and Results

Constant success: how Constant Clicks positioned Smith Criminal Law as the premier law firm on the Sunshine Coast

600% increase in monthly Google Ads conversions

50% reduction in cost per conversion

Steady growth from the very first month
Four years of increased turnover

Constant Clicks has increased our turnover and cemented Smith Criminal Law as the premier criminal law firm on the Sunshine Coast.

Before we started with Constant Clicks, we didn’t have a strong digital presence. We had a website but we were not using it to its full potential. Like many in our industry, we were heavily reliant on word-of-mouth referrals.

I would highly recommend Constant Clicks to anyone who is looking to grow their business. Since engaging Constant Clicks our business has seen strong and steady growth.

They’re the specialists I’m happy to trust, because I know they are always doing everything they can to achieve the best results for our company.

Anna Smith,
Smith Criminal Law

Million-dollar move: how engaging Constant Clicks saw Aqua Painting grow to over $2.1 million in revenue
Revenue from $529,000 to $2.1 million
222%+ Google Ads Conversion Rate
72% decrease in Cost Per Lead
627% Increase in Leads Generated
A happy client since January 2014
Grown from a crew of only 5 to 25 strong!

We never imagined that engaging Constant Clicks would have such a significant impact on our business!

In 2014 we had 5 painters and 2 work vans. Fast forward to 2020 and now we have 25 painters and 7 work vans. Our revenue has almost quadrupled, going from $529,000 to over $2.1 million.

Honestly, we couldn’t be happier.

Romana Popovic,
Aqua Painting Sydney

Mobile Truck Rental’s explosive growth: how Constant Clicks helped them dominate the entire East Coast of Australia
Expanded from a local area to the entire East Coast

322%+ Google Ads Conversion Rate

1,225% Increase in Leads Generated

A happy client since January 2015

Thanks to Constant Clicks we’ve become a dominant force in our industry. Just five years ago we were a small business with only 10 trucks, operating locally in Brisbane.

Now, we’re servicing the entire east coast of Australia – from Melbourne to Cairns – with a fleet of 96 trucks.

This growth simply wouldn’t have been possible without Constant Clicks. The team is super smart and they’re always there for you.

We’d tried other companies in the past. They all talked a big talk, but it was Constant Clicks who got the job done.

Travis Werry,
Mobile Truck Rental

How Treeman Melbourne grew by an extra $800,000 in just 12 months

1500% ROI on Google Ads

Grew revenue from $1.2 million to $2 million
In 6 months added a second crew

66% increase in sales revenue with Google Ads

We had tried two other agencies, but the results were very average. They created leads, but they obviously weren’t the right leads because they didn’t convert into new customers for us. Often, we didn’t have enough work which meant we lost some of our best guys.

After hiring Constant Clicks all that changed. For exactly the same Google Ad spend Constant Clicks generated so many new customers that we couldn’t keep up. We actually had to halve our ad spend until we got through the backlog of work!

After 6 months we invested in another truck, a new chipper and put on a second crew to support the massive increase in business that Constant Clicks created.

Treeman Melbourne

This is a Limited Time Offer

Apply Today to See if You Qualify

Relying on referrals is not a sustainable marketing strategy. To grow and flourish in this competitive market, you must market your business to put yourself in front of your prospective clients.

Don’t miss this opportunity to partner with Australia’s #1 Digital Marketing Experts for businesses ready for serious GROWTH!

If you want to rapidly grow your business using a proven system that is specifically designed for your business, schedule your free 30-minute strategy call today.

Client Reviews

Natasha Good


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

The team have been a great help with gaining leads and sales to our business. We would recommend them to any business owner.

Emily Hruska


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I’m so glad that I took a leap of faith and engaged the constant clicks team to help me with my advertising. My business has thrived thanks to their attention, care and thorough knowledge of the google ads process.
Everyone I have dealt with at constant clicks has treated me like my business was very important to them, and I have felt confident from day one that I have done the right thing.

Don’t waste your time or money on google ads going it alone, the support and expertise of the constant clicks team is invaluable, and will help to grow your business quickly.

Carol Armstrong


Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Since signing up with Constant Clicks in November 2018 I’ve been working with Shaine on my campaign. He’s been excellent to work with right from the start, offering good advice and helping to boost the campaign when needed. Thanks Shaine!

Hayden McCurry


Brilliant organisation. Constant Clicks have exceeded our expectations in every regard and delivered a faultless AdWords campaign. Thanks Brett and the team. Much appreciated.

Tom Riddle


5 stars all around.

Shaine helped optimise my Google campaign and now it’s actually generating leads. Thanks guys

Edwin Giliams


Max and the team have been very helpful with our digital marketing needs and our business has grown handsomely.

Highly recommend calling these guys!

Shane Paterson


We have recently moved across to constant click from another advertiser and we couldn’t be happier. The communication is fantastic and nothing is too much for these guys. Great Work Guys!!!!

Melbourne Music Centre


Sick of all the hype and empty promises?

I highly recommend Constant Clicks as a company that’s both efficient and a delight to work with. Knowledge levels are great and attention to detail excellent. Their most notable asset is a pleasant, no BS approach to their work . Best of all, there are no idle promises or language barriers to overcome.

My company has doubled its turnover and upped its ROI considerably in a relatively short period of time. Keep up the good work, team!


Tim Parry


Constant clicks is great! They are with you the whole way and go above and beyond for you. I was paying heaps per click and wasn’t getting many calls. I now pay hardly anything per click and get great compliments from my customers about my ad that made them use me. Well worth it.

Super Castles


Max from constant clicks has been great. Great communication & I’m seeing results! Would recommend this company to anyone

Mark Kirby


The guys and girl at constant clicks are extremely genuine about driving business results for my company and are really easy to talk with and are down to earth.

Justin Dunn


Hi Definition Av have been using Constant Clicks for over 5 years now. Our business what not be where it is if not for the Constant Clicks team. Brett is always on the ball and ready to help out with Adwords and other web related problems we may have. Thank you Constant Clicks, keep up the amazing work.

Shamone Zarins


Constant Clicks are an amazing team that is professional, friendly and most importantly have helped our business expand. Would highly recommend any business use them to increase your business.

Allison Lewis


Constant Clicks achieved a far better result in 3mths for my business compared to 12mths with my previous advertisers which showed me no results at all. 110% happy with their work. Would MOST DEFINITELY recommend Constant Clicks to other businesses.

David Bailey


Brett and the team very easy to work with, very reasonably priced and have increased my online presence by 80% in two year. Highly recommend!

Shiraz Mohammed


We have been using CONSTANT CLICKS for a while now and are really happy with their products and services that they have offered us.

Our business has got really busy now with lots of traffic coming through from all over the town.

We would definitely recommend Brett & Shane from CONSTANT CLICKS for any businesses out there who are looking to grow their businesses

Cheers Boys

Andrew Mctienan


Would highly recommend!

James Somerville


I have been with Brett at Constant Clicks for 6 months and our business is starting to see the results. We are definitely getting a higher call rate and bookings have picked up since they have taken over our account.

Shibu Joseph


100% satisfied with the professional work and service rendered by them.

Alicia Rapa


Constant Clicks has helped me boost my business online. The results where instant and they are always there to help you when needed.

Mark Willis


Constant Clicks have been very helpful and successful in assisting me with improving my enquiries through ad words advertising campaigns. They have also been very helpful in providing assistance outside of the scope of our agreement to fix minor technical issues along the way. I recommend that you give them a chance to see what they can do for your business.

Travis Werry


Positive: Professionalism, Quality

In the past I tried a few Ad Word suppliers to manage my account. They talk the talk but didn’t walk the walk… These guy get the job done.

Always willing to help when ever i want something altered.
Very knowledgeable.

Kyran Harris


Phenomenal results, been on board for the last 2 years and the results just keep on coming.

Thanks to the team at Constant Clicks running Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation, I’d more than quadrupled my turnover in the first 6 months.

Dominick Romero


We are working in education sector and have found them very efficient and productive people. Their support definitely helped us grow and will be using their services again and will recommend them to any sort of business.

Louise Falwasser


I’ve been running my small business for 9yrs and every now and then- suddenly the phone stops ringing. Each time Constant Clicks has rejuvenated my campaign and the phone rings once again. Thank you for your great work and I will continue to use your expertise. Louise’s Pet Grooming

Laura Di Leva


I have used Constant Clicks for a number of years and they are professional in their service delivery and customer care. They follow up regularly and always try and improve their service offering. Great to work with!

Contact Memento


We have been working with constant clicks for several months now and couldn’t be happier with the results. Claudia is very helpful and goes above and beyond for us to make sure we get the best results and understand what is going on. Constant Clicks is our only method of paid advertising and they have definitely brought a return on investment. Could not recommend Constant Clicks and Claudia enough.

Michael S


Constant Clicks helped us reach our growth targets in the first month of bringing them on board and we’re now far exceeding them. Their knowledge and insights are fantastic and has helped us tweak our strategic direction. Looking forward to the ongoing support of Brett and the team to help our continued growth 👍

Valeria Lovric


It was easy to work with Constant Clicks as they were quick to return my emails or calls and followed my instructions. They are professional and delivered results that I needed for my company.

Samantha Crossley


Amazing company, they have really turned things around for us, can’t fault them. Shaine really knows his stuff and so fast at getting things done. Highly recommended!

SiteSmART Australia


We have been with Brett and the team for about 4 years. Over that time we have found them to be extremely honest, transparent and they have always got our back. Thanks guys, your the best!

Mark Meerwald


Wow, I started to add words with Shaine and have never looked back. This was my first time. Shaine guided and educated me and with my feedback narrowed down my dream clients’ search field so that my average lead has increased 200 percent and also have won the biggest jobs ever. Thank you Shaine I look forward to your awesome work.

Heath Donald


These cats know how to make your SEO purr! Great working with them.

Peter Smith


Claudia really knows her stuff with adwords. We have seen an increase in business since we started with her and would recommend her to anyone thanks for doing a top job 👍

Shane Naylor


Great company to deal with, i got in contact with them after not getting results with my previous company. These guys asked me what results i wanted then set about turning my online presance around, now i find my self often swamped with work! They always check in and make changes and updates to keep me getting the type of jobs i want and top positions on google.

Candice Johnson


Happy to deal with a local company, operating in the same space as my customers and I . I always get prompt replies to my emails and can get campaigns changed instantly where I need it. Over the the time (2+ years) I have engaged Constant Clicks my business has grown where others in the same field have faltered. Definitely worth the money.

Peter Hobson


I have been an internet marketing for over 15 years. During that time, I have seen them come and seen them go.

Not many have the skills to keep ahead of the curve or the inclination to the continue the self-improvement required for themselves personally and then for their clients by educating them and passing on what they learn. Brett Simpson of Constant Clicks is the only person I trust in doing our AdWords Marketing.

We have many new products we are introducing and you know exactly who we will be using, Constant Clicks. Brett and his team constantly keep delivering. In this day and age, you cannot do it all and if you are you are kidding yourself. When the time comes to outsource your AdWords Brett Simpson and his team at Constant Clicks is who you should be using.

Todd Maunder


Have worked with Brett and the team for the past 5 years. Sound advice and a quality service.

Romana Popovic


Brett is looking after our campaign really well, improving listing all the time, fresh ideas, updates, keeping us informed…great job!!!

Corey Isard


A grade professional service!!!

Only 10 spots available

We only have the resources to accept 10 new clients per month, so act now so you don’t miss out.

Apply now to see if you qualify for this special offer. Just a heads up, we only take on clients who we believe we can help and will be only getting back to those businesses that qualify.


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