Reach more than 2.2 BILLION new customers with Facebook Advertising

Explode your sales results today with a customised Facebook Advertising strategy

Get your ads where the people are

Ask anyone you meet and it’s likely they’ll have a Facebook account.

And while you might think that they aren’t interested in plumbing, legal services, or new furniture when they’re on Facebook – you’d be wrong.

The needs of individuals and consumers don’t stop just because they’re having some time out. It’s actually a great time to hit them with your offers instead.

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We deliver more than just ‘likes’

Many Facebook Ads are poorly worded, poorly timed and aren’t effectively targeted. Which means a lot of businesses are simply wasting money for just a few ‘likes’.

Our expert team of digital marketers know how to make money with the power of Facebook advertising. No matter what you’re selling, we’ll get you a flood a new leads.

Carefully researched campaigns that bring in results

Effective Facebook Advertising starts with a strategy. Here’s how we’ll get you lots of new leads, sales, and customers:
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We’ll talk with you about your business, your target market and what you’d like to achieve
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We’ll prepare a comprehensive plan to get the results you’re after
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We’ll research the BEST keyword combinations that will get you as many quality click-throughs as possible while keeping within your budget
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We’ll test several trial ads to make sure we’ve got the right offer
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With your go-ahead, we’ll then put the full campaign into action, monitoring it ongoingly to ensure the results keep coming

Our Facebook Advertising strategies work for any type of business

It doesn’t matter what business you have, we’ll know how to put together the perfect strategy to get your phones ringing, your inbox beeping and your PayPal account rising.

Most importantly of all, we’ll make your competitors wonder what hit them…

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Sports Companies

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Theme Parks

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Here’s what our customers say about us:


Brett is looking after our campaign really well, improving listing all the time, fresh ideas, updates, keeping us informed…great job!!!

Romana Popovic


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