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Case study – Sub Zero Refrigeration

Sub Zero Refrigeration experienced an impressive 227% increase in sales in the first 3-6 months since using Constant Clicks.

Our approach

This influx of new business has resulted in them now being “too busy”… which is obviously a good problem to have. In fact, they’re now so busy, they have to take their ad offline every now and then, so they can keep up.

And seeing as their business is seasonal, the phone can go crazy some days. This means they have now have the ability to pick and choose the work that comes in, rather than than just accepting everybody. Plus, of course, they are making more money at the same time as well.

The owners are ecstatic as they were previously paying a fortune with other companies, with little results. But since transferring over to Constant Clicks, everything changed. They are no longer getting irrelevant traffic, and the campaigns are working like a charm.

Plus, on top of all that… they were pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get straight through to their account manager whenever they ring up.

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Don’t Leave Your Marketing To Chance!

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