Case study – Dream Day Limousines

- dream day screen - Case Study – Dream Day Limousines

By using our highly experienced AdWords team and with frequent and proactive client communication and campaign adjustments, we achieved breakthrough results for Dream Day Limousines.


Dream Day Limousines transport some of the world’s most- recognised celebrities around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The company approached Constant Clicks in March 2017 to help with their Google AdWords campaign.

Our objectives were to increase the amount of leads, improve the quality of each lead and reduce the cost per lead.


Before engaging Constant Clicks, Dream Day Limousines was working with another AdWords agency, and they weren’t happy. Their leads were low – and they were very inconsistent. Sometimes several days would go by without even a single phone call.

Our approach

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We built targeted campaigns, using carefully crafted ad copy to attract their ideal customer. We implemented conversion tracking to:

track the success of the campaigns
help identify which aspects of the campaign were driving bottom line results.

We set up Constant Click’s Click Fraud Monitoring on all ads to
prevent competitors from sabotaging the client’s campaign results. We redeployed remarketing ads to keep the brand at top of mind and as a result, lure customers back to his website to convert.

Google Analytics data was imported into the AdWords account, which allowed a more holistic campaign approach and thus enabled us to see key metrics such as Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate and Average Number of Page Views.

Our data experts analysed the conversion data within the AdWords account. As a result, they raised bids on the locations, keywords and devices that were exceeding the benchmark performance. This increased the conversion rate – and lowered the cost per lead. The number of leads increased by 345% while the spend remained the same.

- graph decrease dream day - Case Study – Dream Day Limousines

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