Your Google ads will appear outside your location targeting unless you have this setting enabled

Jan 4, 2018

Google AdWords has become so effective because of its laser-precision ability to target potential customers for the right services, in the right location.

Targeting the right area is crucial for all forms of marketing and with the ease of choosing your target markets locations you can really narrow down your targeted location.

Even though AdWords allows you to tightly target the area you work within, the most common problem we find when reviewing campaigns for businesses is irrelevant traffic coming from the wrong location. That maybe interstate traffic for local businesses or overseas traffic from national campaigns.

You may be thinking this couldn’t be the case for yourself… think again. When you set up your account, you are able to choose a specific location to target, whether that be Australia-wide, all over the world or perhaps just a 20km radius around your home or office.

Unfortunately, nearly every campaign that is not professionally managed (even campaigns professionally managed) will be chock full of out of area traffic costing you money and affecting your campaign performance.

Whether you are a local plumber or online clothing store, if you have not delved deep into the more advanced settings you will most likely have a multitude of traffic from all over the globe. And the longer your campaign has been running, the more irrelevant traffic has been burning through your budget.

Since you’re paying per click, if your ad is being viewed and clicked on in another state even worse, overseas, then you are basically throwing money in the ocean!

It’s a scary thought, I know. So is there a way to avoid this? You could throw your computer out the window and run for the hills. But there is a better option.

  1. Go to your campaign settings
  2. Click on locations
  3. Location options
  4. Under, target select the 2nd option ‘People in your target locations’ then save!


By using this advanced setting this will ensure that only IP addresses that are physically located within the locations that you actually want to target see your ads.

Unless you implement this advanced setting you will have no control over where your ad is actually appearing.

A great way of knowing if your ad is showing up for these irrelevant locations is from cold calls. Yep, those pesky phone calls are a huge indicator.

If you ever receive cold calls or emails from overseas from people trying to sell you AdWords management or SEO, I can guarantee you that your ads are showing up outside of your target location.

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