How to stop competitors from clicking your Google ads

Nov 28, 2018

How to stop competitors from clicking on your ads

If the thought of a competitor clicking on your ads and taking money out of your pocket pisses you off, so it should!

You only have so much Google budget in a day and once it’s used up then that’s it. You don’t want it being drained, right, let alone by a pesky competitor.

We all know that the Google ad space has become super competitive, so the last thing you want is a competitor clicking on your ad.

In my eyes, it’s worse than theft. Not only is this directly stealing from you, think about the loss of revenue that extra lead or sale could have equated to.

So how does Google handle click fraud and protect their advertisers? They say they take invalid clicks very seriously and that they have an automatic detection system to filter out these dodgy clicks.

But because we manage Google ad campaigns day in day out (and we work hard for our clients) this means we’re unfortunately at the forefront of repeat offenders slipping through the cracks, without any punishment from Google.

Furthermore, advertisers aren’t getting the clicks that they want, not as many people visiting their site, and low conversions. How could this not be competitors clicking on their ads? It’s totally the case!

So do we rely on Google to stop these troublesome perpetrators or do we take matters into our own hands? Sure, Google can naturally stop these competitors, but it takes longer to bring the problem to light.

Let’s say a competitor clicks on your ad 4 times during the day. You’ll be charged for 2 clicks, but Google will filter out the other 2.

The competitor returns the next day sees your ads (rinse and repeat).

What if more competitors do this? How many does it take?  The common issue we see it that it takes very little.

If just 3 of your competitors are doing this each day it could really do some damage to your business.

When onboarding some of our clients that are in highly competitive we’ve seen up to 75% of traffic that was, in fact, fraudulent from the get-go.

So how do we police this matter?

By programming your ads with click fraud tracking links.

Consequently, whenever one of these competitors attempts to drain your budget, we record and track their IP address, location, browser, and other questionable data.

Google doesn’t tell us the IP addresses of each user so we have to take measures into our own hands and utilise software that detects these.

Now if our software detects that your ads are being targeted by the same IP’s then we are emailed an alert. We’re then able to then blacklist their IP address so whenever they search for your ad they won’t see it.

In other words, they can never steal your ad spend again!

This works very well in preventing fraudulent clicks.

Our clients love the fact that we can stop these nasty competitors in their tracks. Businesses only have so much dough to put towards advertising so every click counts.

If your Google ads campaign is not performing as well you think it should be maybe you’ve got competitors stealing your ad spend.

Security firm White Ops did a study about bot farms, they illegally racked up between $3 million and $5 million per day for criminals. That’s a lot of bad guys ready to steal your clicks and revenue.  

If you’re ready to put a halt to your competitors stealing and take Google’s inability to stop fraud into your own hands, then talk to us.  We’ll be ready to help you, and the setup is stress-free. You owe it to yourself to protect your business from these impostors and regain the quality of traffic your business needs.

Your marketing budget is one of the most crucial moving parts of your business, and you can only put so much towards it, so be smart, and fortify yourself against these criminals.

Talk to Constant Clicks today if you want to have click fraud setup on your ad campaign.

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