4 Actionable SEO Tips to Instantly Boost Traffic!

Jun 18, 2019

4 Actionable SEO Tips to Instantly Boost Traffic!

Organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid ads, yet according to a recent survey, generating traffic and conversions is one of the most common challenges a business faces.


Things can be all too much in the digital space. There are over 200 ranking factors when it comes to Google’s organic algorithm so you’re sometimes left scratching your head as to where to start.


Today, I’ll reveal 4 actionable SEO tips you can implement right now to start growing your organic traffic and increasing conversions.

Tip #1: Content, Content, Content

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when trying to rank on Google is dedicating too much effort into building backlinks, and not enough resources into developing valuable content for their target audience.


Google aims to provide the most valuable experience for its users. Now, remember, Google is King.


If you’re assisting Google & contributing to a better search engine, then you will be rewarded in the long run.


Bonus Tip: Only develop unique content, duplicate content will only de-rank your website!


Bonus Tip: Use your keywords you want to rank for in the title of the page, and within your content. Keyword density & LSI keywords matters! (But try not to be spammy, it must still read well).


Bonus Tip: Content-length is a relative ranking factor, so long-form always wins (most of the time!)  – try and aim for 1,000+ words.

Tip #2: HTTPS Security

Since 2014, Google has made HTTPS, or an SSL certificate, a ranking factor.


To find out if you have an SSL certificate, check out our blog post on Why Google is Forcing You to Have an SSL Certificate.


If you don’t, no worries, installing one is super easy. We suggest getting in contact with your hosting provider to sort this out.


Bonus Tip: If you currently run Google Ads, not having an SSL certificate will negatively impact your cost-per-click, so get it sorted!

Tip #3: Social Signals

When I ask our clients this question, the most common answer I hear is that they have already set up Facebook, or they’ve already setup Instagram and assume this is all that’s required.

In a world where Facebook is so commonly referred to as the social network, I understand how you could potentially skip over other fantastic platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Having your NAP’s (name, address, phone number) congruent between all platforms (including Google My Business) will help Google identify a real business in a crowded space.

Next step, is to utilise your hard efforts from step 1 of this article and continually publish the content you’ve created on all your social platforms.

This will help build up your social shares, and your online brand identity overall.

Tip 4: Local Hosting

You have most likely heard of the importance of page speed, and how you must optimise your website to improve the loading time for your users.

What I consistently hear being left out, is where your site is hosted.

If your site is hosted in Canada, but 99% of your traffic is located here in Australia, your site will inevitably load much slower than your competitors with local hosting.

Not only will this benefit you greatly, but swapping over will help support a local business, keeping our economy strong.

The best part is, this is a simple swap over.

So… what hosting providers do we recommend?


Digital Pacific


Tip #1: Content, Content, Content

Tip #2: HTTPS Security

Tip #3: Social Signals

Tip #4: Local Hosting

SEO can be the absolute breadwinner for a business, or a time and resource burden depending on how you tackle the objective.

If you follow the above mentioned 4 actionable SEO tips, you’re certainly on the way to increased website visitors and conversions.

Remember, if you’re wanting to develop a more in-depth SEO strategy, begin with the small tasks, and work your way up. SEO is like planting a crop, it takes time. If you do everything right, then ideally you will enjoy the fruit at the end.

Next week, we will be continuing the Constant Clicks Tips email series, and boy do we have something super special for you, so stay tuned!

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