Why Choose Us?

Discover the unique benefits you’ll receive by partnering with us!


A Flood of Leads & Sales

Attracting more leads and sales (conversions) to your business is what we do best! Yet still important, we don’t get too caught up on clicks, click through rates and quality scores. Our priority is maximising your conversions while reducing the cost you pay for each lead or sale.

Real Hands-on Experience

Constant Clicks allows you to partner with highly experienced AdWords specialists rather than those in the initial learning phase of their craft. Little to no experience cost your business money, not to mention lost sales opportunities. Our Managing Director brings almost 10 years experience successfully building and managing AdWords campaigns.

Working with us, you’ll know you can depend upon someone who understands advanced Adwords strategies, the complete nuts and bolts of AdWords, a member with time on the board and a proven track record—and not through training, but real hands-on experience.

Experience counts, and with AdWords management, you get what you pay for.

(We guarantee value. All Constant Clicks AdWords team members undergo a rigorous internship before progressing to the management of a client’s campaign.)

Highly Personalised Service

Constant Clicks offers a highly personalised service as we refuse to work with more clients than we can handle which allows us to spend more time improving your online results while you spend less and less time watching competitors devour the market.

Qualified AdWords Professional

The team at Constant Clicks have sat and successfully passed their Google AdWords exams to demonstrate their AdWords skills and knowledge.

Constant and Never-ending Improvement

Constant Clicks’ strong desire to make significant and frequent incremental improvements to your online marketing will create a momentum that will prove difficult for your competitors to catch up to. Our promise to you is that your online marketing campaigns will never stagnate. Continual improvement to ensure success is the only way.

Beyond AdWords

There are so many other factors to making your business more profitable than just your AdWords campaign. That’s just one piece of the framework.

What about your website’s ability to turn more visitors into paying customers? We offer conversion pages to boost your sales and leads.

With so many consumers browsing the web from their smartphones, it’s critical that you have a mobile friendly website.

We’ll also advise you on how to launch successful email marketing campaigns. People buy from people they know and trust. Did you know your database holds an absolute goldmine of hidden sales?

Constant Clicks looks at the bigger picture and ensures everything works in harmony. When harmony is in place, the most potent results are possible.

Contact us now for a free no-obligation quote, AdWords health check or give us a call for a chat to see if we might be the right fit for your business.