No Ad Split Testing – The Trick To Writing The Perfect Ad!

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to AdWords. In order to get the right clicks, at the right time you need something cuts through the clutter and with only a few words to say it in your ad needs to be a proven success. Developing the right ad requires an attention grabbing title and body text resonates with customers. Finding the winning combination requires ongoing optimisation and continual testing. Called Ad Split Testing.


Ad Split Testing works by running two or more ads, with unique title text and body copy, for the same ad group for an equal impression share. After a certain amount of impressions one combination will outperform the rest and reign supreme as your proven ad. Achieving effective results from yours ads is almost impossible without the right combination, which is why Ad Split Testing is crucial for any effective campaign. Unfortunately far too many campaigns we review have never run any form of testing.


The reason Ad Split Testing is so effective is as it provides us with data on how well certain ad copy works and what leads to the right people clicking on your ad. Building a successful AdWords campaign is a science and requires experimentation to uncover the mysteries within. Like all science experiments, it’s a matter of trying and testing a variety of samples to develop the right solution. Without trialling a variety of options against each other, you will never be able to truly determine your most effective advertising, and of course how to improve it.


There are all sorts of reasons why an ad isn’t performing well. You could have a beautifully written body text but if the title doesn’t stand out, your ads will never perform. Or perhaps you have an eye catching title and body copy but this particular target market doesn’t respond for some reason. With ad split testing we are able to make changes, from the slightest rewording to a complete rewrite. Then it’s a matter of developing an ad that leaves your competitors scratching their heads.
Setting up Ad Split Testing is important but the overall success comes down to ongoing optimisation based on the analysed data. Developing the right ad is different for every business and can be quite a meticulous process, sometimes just the slightest change can make a world of difference. Without running ads against each other to fairly test results, you are essentially leaving your campaign up to chance and potentially spending a lot of money to find out what doesn’t work.

AdWords is ever changing and your business is constantly growing.Whether you are still trying to find an ad that generates the right traffic or are simply looking to see if you can improve on a great ad, Ad Split testing is a must for all campaigns.

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