Try Facebook Ads for 30 Days


Ever wondered whether Facebook a place where people share stories, photos and videos could actually generate customers for your business?


Well, the good news is Facebook has become one of the popular ways to attract new customers and the cost per clicks average between $0.41 to $0.68


Why Advertise on Facebook?


  • Target ads to your specific demographics
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If you want to attract more customers and take your business to new income levels then trial it foe 30 days and see the difference for yourself.





Get a Facebook Ad Campaign Setup a Dedicated Facebook Guru to manage your Facebook campaign for 30 days for just $49.


All you pay is the Facebook advertising spend of $5 per day paid directly to Facebook.


Our fb management packages start from as little $39.50 per week


This offer does strictly end at the end of April 2016 – We may turn away your business if we believe your business is a good fit for Facebook ads. So apply now to see if you quality for the 30 day trial.