Is SEO better Than AdWords?

SEO allows your website to rank in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo & Bing at the top of the page just below the top 4 ads. It’s a long-term marketing strategy for any business that demands more traffic, leads and sales to accelerate their business growth.

adwords vs seo

By all means SEO is NOT designed to replace Google AdWords but rather compliment it. Studies have shown that approximately 41% of traffic on Google will go straight past the paid ads and click on the organic search results instead. That’s why having an SEO campaign for your business is so important. It gives you another slice of the pie to drive more customers to your door.

Why have one way of attracting customers when you can have two?

SEO Benefits:

  • Significant traffic increases to your website which result in more SALES!
  • Don’t pay per click
  • Unlimited 24/7 exposure (you’re constantly on the page)
  • Greater brand awareness in the market
  • Should I do SEO instead of adwords? Well, if you’re spending a $1 on adwords and making $3 why would you spending do it. It’s giving you a positive return on investment, keep it going!


But long-term if you had to compare the ROI of adwords and SEO, SEO would win.

Let me demonstrate. If you wanted 100 visitors to your site per day from adwords and the average cost per click was $5 it would cost you $500 per day or $15,000 per month. Whereas, with SEO there is no pay per click costs.

That what makes SEO such an effective marketing strategy.

But a key takeaway here is there are two types of people. Those that click on ads and those that don’t. So if you’re only doing SEO you’re still going to be missing sales opportunities by not running adwords.

If you’re serious about dominating your market you want to be doing both adwords and SEO.

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