3 Ways To Grow Any Business

  Being immersed in the marketing and advertising world for almost a decade now I’ve observed that the most savvy business owners do these 3 things really well. one – Increase new customers (sales) two – Increase the average dollar sale (the upsell) three – Increase the frequency of purchases (lifetime value)   So number

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Google AdWords Tablet Bid Adjustments

AdWords Specialists from all around the globe have been long waiting for the ability to control bids on tablet devices and now it’s finally arrived! When Google first introduced enhanced campaigns back in 2013 they allowed us to control your mobile bids with a mobile bid adjustment but sadly tablets missed out.   Now not all devices are

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Is SEO better Than AdWords?

adwords vs seo

SEO allows your website to rank in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo & Bing at the top of the page just below the top 4 ads. It’s a long-term marketing strategy for any business that demands more traffic, leads and sales to accelerate their business growth. By all means SEO is NOT designed

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Irrelevant Geographical Traffic – Warning! 95% of AdWords Ads Are Showing Up Overseas!

money down the drain

AdWords has become so effective because of its unparalleled ability to target potential customers for the right services, in the right location.Targeting the right area is crucial for all forms of marketing and with the ease of choosing your target markets locations you can really narrow down your targeted location. Even though AdWords allows you

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