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Does your website load in under 3 seconds?


Have you ever yelled at your computer because the internet has been so slow? I know I have. Waiting a few extra seconds for a page to load feels like an eternity. And let’s face it we live in a world of instant gratification where we have everything at our fingertips and as a result our patience is thinner.

Online TV and Movie streaming services make the drive to the video shop a thing of the past. Need to see the Doc? Why waste time driving there and waiting for up to an hour to be seen when Doctors can now come to your home. You have people at Disney World paying for passes to jump the queue so they don’t have to wait. With online shopping some people will happily pay extra to have their product shipped to them same day.

Everyone wants it quick and easy these days.

So how long will people wait for your website to load before they’re gone, Sayōnara?

According to Google “Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.”

So having a slow loading website will decrease your conversions and hurt your bottom line.

Whatever you do, don’t make people wait.

Google are soon to update their mobile-friendly algorithm and when they do they’ll add mobile-specific page speed as a factor. This update could only be a months away.

There are some free tools to test the performance of your websites.
This is one of Google’s tools. It score you out of 100 on Mobile Speed, Desktop Speed and Mobile Friendliness.
This tool is awesome as it gives the load time of your website in seconds.

Chrome Browser
If you’re a bit more tech savvy than you can use your Chrome Browser, select developer tools click on the Network tab and you’ll see the results in very bottom of your screen > “DomContentLoaded”. The youtube link above explains exactly how to use this tool. The cool thing is you can change the internet speed and really see how your site performs on all internet connections.

The key point is speed up your website and your conversions will increase.

If you want to boost the speed of your website talk to your website developer or feel to reach out to us today for a free quote.

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3 Ways To Grow Any Business



Being immersed in the marketing and advertising world for almost a decade now I’ve observed that the most savvy business owners do these 3 things really well.

one – Increase new customers (sales)

two – Increase the average dollar sale (the upsell)

three – Increase the frequency of purchases (lifetime value)


So number 1 is about driving more customers to your business and let’s face it sales are the lifeblood of any business. But…if you’re not focusing on the other two then you’re leaving a stack of money on the table.

Increasing the average dollar sale is about encouraging customers to spend more at each purchase. It’s not about market share, it’s about wallet share.

Examples of how you can increase your average dollar sale.

Bundle Your Products – Offer additional products at a discount. Retailers do this all the time. 1 x T-Shirt for $50 or Buy 2 x for $70 – that’s a 40% sale increase.


Package Your Products – Any service based business could do this. Even a lawn mowing business could package their products. Eg. >> (basic) Lovely Lawn Package incl: Mowing and Edging. >> (Deluxe) Best Lawn on Your Street Package incl: Mowing, Edging and Lawn Fertiliser Booster. Car companies do this really well. They have a basic, mid range and then a top of the range car.


The upsell – We all know McDonald’s are famous for this “would you like fries with that?”. I remember taking my car to a drive through car wash and the guy asking me if I wanted my alloys wheels cleaned for an extra $20, I said sure why not.

Don’t be afraid to bump up your prices by 5% or 10% customers won’t care and you’ll increase your margins.

Examples of how you can increase the frequency of purchases (repeat business)

This is all about increasing the lifetime value of a customer. Did you know it costs 10X more to acquire a new customer than to keep a customer?

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with existing customers, stay top of mind and encourage them to come back. With email marketing it doesn’t mean you spam their inbox with a sales pitch every time. Offer them valuable and interesting tips that will benefit their life. By all means send them special deals and instore vouchers but don’t over do it.

If you can increase each of these 3 growth areas by just 10% you will increase your overall profits by a whopping 30%, pretty cool right?
I encourage you to take a piece of paper now and set aside 30 minutes to brainstorm ways you can increase your average dollar sale and customer lifetime value.

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Google AdWords Tablet Bid Adjustments

AdWords Specialists from all around the globe have been long waiting for the ability to control bids on tablet devices and now it’s finally arrived! When Google first introduced enhanced campaigns back in 2013 they allowed us to control your mobile bids with a mobile bid adjustment but sadly tablets missed out.

Woman searching on Google website using iPad tablet computer


Now not all devices are made equal so it makes sense that we set different bid adjustments on each device based on it’s performance and now we finally can!

Let’s say you run a printer repair business and your goal is to drive as many leads as possible to your business with a target conversion cost of $25. That means you’re willing to pay up to $25 for a lead.

Conversion cost per device

Desktop – $20
Tablet  – $75
Mobile – $30

Average conversion across all 3 device = $30

Now which device is performing best? Desktop right, at only a $20 cost per lead. Check out tablet, it cost 3 times more for a lead when compared to Desktop. Mobile is doing a lot better than tablet however, there is still room for improvement. Can you see that tablets do not deserve the bid price as desktop nor does mobile?

An experienced AdWords Specialist will take this segment by device conversion data and set NEW bid adjustments and closely monitor the campaign to assess how the new changes impact the campaign results.

Here at Constant Clicks our AdWords Specialist love data! It takes out all the guess work and allows us to accelerate our clients’ campaign results. And when we see that tablets are NOT pulling their weight or are actually outperforming all other devices we now have the CONTROL to set bid adjustments on tablets.

It’s all about maximising the return on investments for all of our clients so when this feature when released we were smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Talk to us today to make sure you’re taking full advantage of tablet bid adjustments within your AdWords campaign to ensure you’re maximising the performance of your campaign.

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Is SEO better Than AdWords?

SEO allows your website to rank in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo & Bing at the top of the page just below the top 4 ads. It’s a long-term marketing strategy for any business that demands more traffic, leads and sales to accelerate their business growth.

adwords vs seo

By all means SEO is NOT designed to replace Google AdWords but rather compliment it. Studies have shown that approximately 41% of traffic on Google will go straight past the paid ads and click on the organic search results instead. That’s why having an SEO campaign for your business is so important. It gives you another slice of the pie to drive more customers to your door.

Why have one way of attracting customers when you can have two?

SEO Benefits:

  • Significant traffic increases to your website which result in more SALES!
  • Don’t pay per click
  • Unlimited 24/7 exposure (you’re constantly on the page)
  • Greater brand awareness in the market
  • Should I do SEO instead of adwords? Well, if you’re spending a $1 on adwords and making $3 why would you spending do it. It’s giving you a positive return on investment, keep it going!


But long-term if you had to compare the ROI of adwords and SEO, SEO would win.

Let me demonstrate. If you wanted 100 visitors to your site per day from adwords and the average cost per click was $5 it would cost you $500 per day or $15,000 per month. Whereas, with SEO there is no pay per click costs.

That what makes SEO such an effective marketing strategy.

But a key takeaway here is there are two types of people. Those that click on ads and those that don’t. So if you’re only doing SEO you’re still going to be missing sales opportunities by not running adwords.

If you’re serious about dominating your market you want to be doing both adwords and SEO.

Want a FREE no-obligation SEO Quote? Get in touch today.

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Negative Keywords – 33% – 51% Of Search Terms Are Irrelevant

The reason Google AdWords is so effective is to due to the ability to appear at the right time for the right audience. Since AdWords works on a pay-per click basis it is imperative to make sure your ad is only appearing for highly relevant searches. To generate the right traffic from your AdWords, you need to come up with the perfect combination of keywords, using a variety of unique match types. There is one match type however that seems to be neglected in AdWords campaigns. Negative Keywords.


Maybe people have a certain disdain for Negative Keywords, or perhaps they’re simply unaware but again this is another absence we see in an alarming amount of campaigns. Negative Keywords work entirely different to other keywords match types by rather than triggering your ad to appear on Google they actually prevent your ad from being shown for particular search terms.  

People that are new to AdWords often consider this to be counter productive to their marketing but soon understand the benefits once they realise the amount of money they have wasted through irrelevant clicks. As we know since you are paying every time your ad is clicked on you need to make sure every click has the potential to lead to money in your pocket.

Google loves to shows your ad and help you get lots of clicks (they’re good like that) but what Google deems relevant and what you consider relevant are often two very different things.

Take a local removalist company for example. They’re a two guys and a truck business that services home and office furniture removals. They use a variety of keyword match types for search such as ‘removalists’, ‘furniture removalists’ and ‘home removals’ but have no Negative Keywords. Although they are offer these very specific services their ads often appear for traffic for a variety of searches from ‘rubbish removals’ to ‘pest removals’. By implementing Negative Keywords to eliminate traffic for searches that are slightly similar but will never lead to work, they will be able to prevent theirs ads from appearing for these searches that just don’t match up.  

This is just one scenario of a universal problem. Think about your industry or products that you are advertising for. Is there anything that may be considered similar but is really just irrelevant?

For most most people the answer is yes and most people will be wasting a tonne of money because of it. Developing a Negative Keyword List takes time and is never finished. In order to develop an effective strategy you need a lot of knowledge about what works and you need to constantly monitor changes in search terms.
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Irrelevant Geographical Traffic – Warning! 95% of AdWords Ads Are Showing Up Overseas!

AdWords has become so effective because of its unparalleled ability to target potential customers for the right services, in the right location.Targeting the right area is crucial for all forms of marketing and with the ease of choosing your target markets locations you can really narrow down your targeted location. Even though AdWords allows you to tightly target the area you work within, the most common problem we find when reviewing campaigns is irrelevant traffic.

You may be thinking this couldn’t be the case for yourself… think again. When you setup your account, you are able to choose a specific location to target, whether that be Australia-wide, all over the world or perhaps just a 20km radius around your house. Unfortunately, nearly every campaign that is not professionally managed (or managed by the right professional) will be chock full of irrlevant traffic from just about everywhere in the in the world.

Whether you are a local plumber or online clothing store, if you have not delved deep into the more advanced settings you will most likely have a multitude of traffic from all over the globe. And the longer your campaign has been running, the more irrelvant traffic has been burning through your budget.

Since you’re paying per click, if your ad is being viewed and clicked on in another state even worse, overseas, then you are basically throwing money in the ocean!

It’s a scary thought, I know. So is there a way to avoid this? You could throw your computer out the window and run for the hills. But there is a better option.

By using more advanced strategies we only allow IP addresses that are physically located within the locations that you actually want to target. Of course Google will happily let you go on thinking everything is hunky-dory but without implementing advanced settings you will have no control over where your ad is actually appearing.

A great way of knowing if your ad is showing up for these irrelevant locations is from cold calls. Yep, those pesky phone calls are a huge indicator. If you ever receive cold calls or emails from overseas from people trying to sell you AdWords management or SEO, you can guarantee your ads are not targeted just to your audience.

So not only can we stop your campaign haemorrhaging money from the wrong traffic, we can cut down those calls too.

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Facebook – How to Turn Facebook Users into Customers

There are now 13 million Australians active on Facebook each month and they’re some of the heaviest users in the world. According to a Nielsen report commissioned by the social media giant in January 2105, new stats reveal the average time Australians spend on Facebook every day is 1.7 hours. So at a nation we’re really hooked.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? How can you leverage this social media hub to grow your business? Because lets face it getting 1,000 likes on facebook is good but unfortunately, you can’t pay rent or suppliers in likes. It’s gotta lead to customers, money in the bank.

Well, it’s no secret that Facebook knows a hell of lot about their users, actually what does facebook know about their users?
The standard stuff you provide them…

City of birth

City of residence



Current employment

Previous employment



Previous relationships

Previous names (aliases)

Screen names

Address book

Family members


Religious views



Email address(s)

Sexual preference


Languages spoken

Political views


Books you’ve read

Bands you like

Movies you’ve seen

TV Shows you watch

Video games you play

Food you eat

Your Favorite Athletes

Restaurants you’ve eaten at

Activities you participate in

Websites you visit

Sports teams you support

Your Favorite Sports

Inspirational people

Favorite Clothing brands

Places you’ve visited

Events you’ve attended

Events you plan on attending

Events your friends are attending

Major life events (location, dates, who with)



Wall posts

Private (haha yeah right) messages

Groups you’ve joined

Networks you are a part of

Lots there huh.

And that’s just the standard stuff. Let’s look a little bit deeper.
But wait, there’s more…
Videos you’ve watched

Comments you’ve liked

Websites you’ve visited

Articles and websites you’ve commented on

Surveys you’ve filled out

Companies you like

People you’ve been tagged with

People you frequently hang out with

Friends you’ve requested

Friends you denied

Friends you’ve un-friended

How often you are online

Apps you Admin/created

Pages you admin/created

Your current mood

Device you’ve accessed the Internet from

Exact Geo-location (longitude, altitude, latitude, time/date stamp)

TV, Film, Concert you are currently watching

Book or publication you are currently reading

Audio you are currently listening too

Drink you are currently drinking

Food you are currently eating

Activities you participate in

Advertising you interact with

Profiles you interact with most

Locations you access Facebook

Locations you access web properties connected to Facebook

Level of online engagement

When you changed jobs

How long you stayed in a job

Credit card details

IP Address

Apps you’ve downloaded

Games you’ve played

Pages/Businesses you’ve un-liked (when)

Pretty much your entire online life is being handed over here.

It’s like the biggest customer survey ever!

So as a business owner Facebook allows you to advertise to your specific target market and get these people to your website to do business with you.

If you’re not running Facebook ads for your business then you could be missing out on a lot of potentials sales opportunities.
Constant Clicks now manages Facebook advertising campaigns to help grow your business faster. Talk to us today about how we can develop and launch a strategy to get your business in front of potential customers on the biggest social media platform in the world.

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Ad Extensions – Ever Wondered Why People Are Clicking On Your Competitors Ads and Not Yours?

How do you get noticed in a sea of other ads just like yours? A great question but not a new one.

Standing out from the crowd on Google AdWords is a science with a lot of emphasis of developing the right title text and ad copy (which are a massive part of a great ad) but this will only go so far. A commonly missed feature in improving the actual performance of ads are Ad Extensions.

A startling amount of campaigns we review are either missing key Ad Extensions or missing them entirely. This is surprising because anybody that has searched on Google in recent years would be so familiar with what these look like. If you are unsure, Ad Extensions are exactly what they sounds like. They’re simply extensions that can be added to your ads and boost their performance.

There is a range of different Ad Extensions that can be setup for your campaign, all designed for particular outcomes depending on your business model.

The key is to choose the right extensions for the right audience. Although there are quite a lot of extensions that all serve their purpose, most businesses will benefit most from just the Sitelinks, Call, Location, Callout and Reviews.

The most recognizable Ad Extension would have to be the Sitelink Extension. Sitelink Extensions only appear if your ad is positioned within the top three on Google’s Ad listings and is made up of 4 – 6 links underneath your ad that link directly to particular landing pages on your webpage. The reason sitelinks are so effective is because rather than taking traffic to a generic landing page, you have the ability to offer options for variety of landing pages on your website.

Another highly successful extension is the Call Extension. With the Call Extension setup, your ads will include your phone number within your ad. On the desktop your phone number will appear on the outside of your ad text but where it really becomes successful is on mobile searches. On smartphones, rather than just having you number appear on your ad, there will simply be a click-to-call button that will put them straight onto the phone with you at the same cost standard ad click.

Anybody that takes phone calls for their business will know that building a lead from conversation is far more effective than through their website. Recently mobile has overtaken desktop as the most popular device for Google search and shows no sign of slowing down. For any business that generates leads through phone calls, the Call Extension is an absolute must have.

Using Ad Extensions is a quick fire way to help your ad stand out from the crowd and lead to proven results. With multiple options to choose from, developing the right combination of Ad Extensions for the relevant campaign requires experience and ongoing testing.

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What’s The Most Dangerous Number in Business?

multichannel_marketing-300x223Number 1 is the most dangerous number. You don’t want the success of your business purely reliant on just one form of marketing.

If you are then, you could be putting your business at great risk. What happens if tomorrow that one lead generation method becomes unprofitable?

You need to diversify your marketing. Diversification in business creates stability.

One of the biggest breakthroughs you can have in your business is a marketing breakthrough.

Discovering new and profitable marketing strategies to really accelerate your growth.

From 10 years of being immersed in the marketing industry I’ve seen time and time again that the most successful business owners, the top 10%,  will be generating consistent high quality leads from more than once source.

They’ll have Adwords, SEO, Facebook Advertising, email marketing, offline marketing all working for them.

They’re so many great ways to find new customers.

The key point is to have more than one marketing method. Of course, 2 is better than 1 but 3 highly effective marketing strategies will make your business unstoppable.

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No Ad Split Testing – The Trick To Writing The Perfect Ad!

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to AdWords. In order to get the right clicks, at the right time you need something cuts through the clutter and with only a few words to say it in your ad needs to be a proven success. Developing the right ad requires an attention grabbing title and body text resonates with customers. Finding the winning combination requires ongoing optimisation and continual testing. Called Ad Split Testing.


Ad Split Testing works by running two or more ads, with unique title text and body copy, for the same ad group for an equal impression share. After a certain amount of impressions one combination will outperform the rest and reign supreme as your proven ad. Achieving effective results from yours ads is almost impossible without the right combination, which is why Ad Split Testing is crucial for any effective campaign. Unfortunately far too many campaigns we review have never run any form of testing.


The reason Ad Split Testing is so effective is as it provides us with data on how well certain ad copy works and what leads to the right people clicking on your ad. Building a successful AdWords campaign is a science and requires experimentation to uncover the mysteries within. Like all science experiments, it’s a matter of trying and testing a variety of samples to develop the right solution. Without trialling a variety of options against each other, you will never be able to truly determine your most effective advertising, and of course how to improve it.


There are all sorts of reasons why an ad isn’t performing well. You could have a beautifully written body text but if the title doesn’t stand out, your ads will never perform. Or perhaps you have an eye catching title and body copy but this particular target market doesn’t respond for some reason. With ad split testing we are able to make changes, from the slightest rewording to a complete rewrite. Then it’s a matter of developing an ad that leaves your competitors scratching their heads.
Setting up Ad Split Testing is important but the overall success comes down to ongoing optimisation based on the analysed data. Developing the right ad is different for every business and can be quite a meticulous process, sometimes just the slightest change can make a world of difference. Without running ads against each other to fairly test results, you are essentially leaving your campaign up to chance and potentially spending a lot of money to find out what doesn’t work.

AdWords is ever changing and your business is constantly growing.Whether you are still trying to find an ad that generates the right traffic or are simply looking to see if you can improve on a great ad, Ad Split testing is a must for all campaigns.

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