Ad Scheduling – You Don’t Work 24/7, So Why Are Your Ads?

As we know to successfully convert clicks to sales and leads, you need to reach the most relevant traffic at the right time. In order to achieve a healthy return on your AdWords, we need to reach the most relevant target market and identify exactly when they convert. We do this through Ad Scheduling.

Ad Scheduling is a simple idea, with a big impact. Rather than run your ads 24/7, you simply schedule your ads to only appear on Google at specific times. Although Ad Scheduling is such an excellent tool, the majority of campaigns we take on seem to neglect this feature. You don’t work 24/7 (although it may feel like it) and you can’t work all the time. The reason Ad Scheduling works so well is because it allows businesses to target their target market at a time when they can actually convert clicks into business.


Let’s say you’re a local mobile mechanic and work Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. After another busy week all you want to do on a Sunday is relax and the last thing you want to think about is work…or at least try. But on the Sunday your phone keeps ringing from people clicking on your Google Ads, looking for your services…right now!. You already have other plans and cannot work but keep getting calls. Not only do you continue to get interrupted, you are also wasting a big chunk of cash from people clicking on your ads at the wrong time.


We all know how painful it is when your AdWords campaign is wasting you money from irrelevant traffic. Ad Scheduling is one of the most effective of tools to control your traffic and limit clicks that won’t lead to money in your pocket. There are simple rules of thumb that we can follow but finding the right formula will differ for every business. To identify the right time to run your ads we need to use our old friend, Conversion Tracking.

As we touched, Conversion Tracking provides us with a wealth of knowledge about your campaign (seriously, we love Conversion Tracking), and of course when your ads perform well. Using this conversion data we are able to identify exactly when your ads generate clicks that lead to conversions. We are able to find out the most effective time to schedule ads, from the highest performing days of a week, right down to what hour of the day leads to the most conversions.


Scheduling your ads to develop an effective strategy can go beyond just preventing your ads from appearing on days that you don’t operate. Although your ads are limited to just business hours, we may mind that during a three hour period in that time, your ads produce poor results compared to another time of the day. What we can do is schedule your ads to no longer appear in hours that never lead to jobs and focus your budget on the most opportune times for your business.


Ad Scheduling is simple idea. Why would you want your ads to appear when they don’t lead to sales? Although the majority of campaigns we review are running all day, everyday, when we do tell them about Ad Scheduling the idea is so obvious. So rather than burn through your budget, focus on the most effective times and leave the wasted spend to your competitors.

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