Ad Extensions – Ever Wondered Why People Are Clicking On Your Competitors Ads and Not Yours?

How do you get noticed in a sea of other ads just like yours? A great question but not a new one.

Standing out from the crowd on Google AdWords is a science with a lot of emphasis of developing the right title text and ad copy (which are a massive part of a great ad) but this will only go so far. A commonly missed feature in improving the actual performance of ads are Ad Extensions.

A startling amount of campaigns we review are either missing key Ad Extensions or missing them entirely. This is surprising because anybody that has searched on Google in recent years would be so familiar with what these look like. If you are unsure, Ad Extensions are exactly what they sounds like. They’re simply extensions that can be added to your ads and boost their performance.

There is a range of different Ad Extensions that can be setup for your campaign, all designed for particular outcomes depending on your business model.

The key is to choose the right extensions for the right audience. Although there are quite a lot of extensions that all serve their purpose, most businesses will benefit most from just the Sitelinks, Call, Location, Callout and Reviews.

The most recognizable Ad Extension would have to be the Sitelink Extension. Sitelink Extensions only appear if your ad is positioned within the top three on Google’s Ad listings and is made up of 4 – 6 links underneath your ad that link directly to particular landing pages on your webpage. The reason sitelinks are so effective is because rather than taking traffic to a generic landing page, you have the ability to offer options for variety of landing pages on your website.

Another highly successful extension is the Call Extension. With the Call Extension setup, your ads will include your phone number within your ad. On the desktop your phone number will appear on the outside of your ad text but where it really becomes successful is on mobile searches. On smartphones, rather than just having you number appear on your ad, there will simply be a click-to-call button that will put them straight onto the phone with you at the same cost standard ad click.

Anybody that takes phone calls for their business will know that building a lead from conversation is far more effective than through their website. Recently mobile has overtaken desktop as the most popular device for Google search and shows no sign of slowing down. For any business that generates leads through phone calls, the Call Extension is an absolute must have.

Using Ad Extensions is a quick fire way to help your ad stand out from the crowd and lead to proven results. With multiple options to choose from, developing the right combination of Ad Extensions for the relevant campaign requires experience and ongoing testing.

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